Safety operating procedures of wood planer thicknesser


1. Wood planer thicknesser must be set up to operate, and the implementation of the "cross-operating method" is strictly prohibited nonoperator operation.

2. The work must be checked before the power wiring is correct, whether the good insulation of the electric appliance parts, body whether reliable protective earthing or zero protection, check the blade is installed correctly, the fastening is good, the safety cover safety device protection device is complete and effective.

3. The wood planer thicknesser must use the one-way switch, can not be installed on the switch, three, four planes should be in order to start.

4.  The test run must be empty before use, the speed is normal, after 2 - 3 minutes idling, confirmed no abnormal, sending the work material.

5.  The wood thicknesser planer operation of the process, no adjustment, maintenance and cleaning work, workers are not allowed to tie the sleeves, gloves.

6. Before processing the old material, must nail, the ash scale, the ice and snow, and so on clean up on the machine processing

7. The operation must pay attention to wood, encounter hardwood, knots, stubble due to slow feeding, feeding speed.

8. More than 2 meters long wood processing by the two operations, one feeding in use, one at the start of receiving, receiving must start over the danger zone behind the prospective to meet the material in the wood, after receiving no jerk.

9. The use of wood planer thicknesser, planing, reclaiming staff stations not on the mouth, to avoid injury, when aniseed planing face, different thickness of the wood and no planing, planing material, engagement, not more than 3 mm, the operation should be according to Shun Shun, continued stubble feeding, material feeding must be kept straight if found the material should go cross, speed will be used down, and then continue to work to correct after the plane distance is shorter than the length of material allowed before and after the pressure roller center, the sheet thickness is 1 cm below the pad must support can push the pressure planing.

10. After work, must be cleaned at the end of the plane, and pull off, lock the switch box shall leave.

11. The operation shed (room) is strictly prohibited from smoke or fire heating and must set up fire-fighting equipment and facilities.

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