3 Things must to consider before purchasing plastic pallet

April 8, 2021

According to the type of forklift

A single plastic pallet is the best choice if the forklift is a manual hydraulic forklift or a hybrid mechanical and manual hydraulic forklift.

If the forklift used is an electric and motorized forklift, both double-sided and single-sided pallets are available.

Purchase according to the price/performance ratio of plastic pallets

It's not smart to blindly compare the price of the product. Good raw materials and design can greatly extend the life of pallets.

According to whether or not to go on the shelf

If the plastic plastic is used on the three-dimensional warehouse shelf, the first step is to consider whether the structure of the pallet meets the shelf requirements.

Under normal conditions, the 4 way entry pallets (three runners back pallets) are better choices because the goods on the shelf can only be inserted from two directions.

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