623GH (four-sided planer)

September 10, 2022
623GH (four sided planer)
Working width20-230mm
Working thickness10-160mm
Min. Working length280/720mm
Feeding speed10-60m/min
Spindle diameter50mm
Spindle speed7000r/min
Cutter diameter
1st Bottom cutter140-180mm
Left and right cutter140-250mm
1st and 1st upper cutter140-250mm
2nd bottom cutter140-250mm
Machine power
1st bottom spindle7.5kw
Right spindle7.5kw
Left spindle7.5kw
1st upper spindle11kw
2nd upper spindle11kw
2nd bottom spindle11kw
Feeding power7.5kw
Beam Lifting power0.75kw
Upper cutter lifting power0.75kw
Left axle feeding motor0.37kw
Total power65kw
Voltage380v 50hz 3phase
Dust collection port diameter180mm*6pc
Machine size5660*2100*1900mm
Machine weight8300KG
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