Automatic Edge Banding Machine


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Applicable products: solid wood panels, fibreboard, particleboard, MDF and other panels, and other panel furniture Edge. Edge of the main PVC, polyester, melamine, and wood, and so on.

Product Details

Adhesive edge banding device though a special structure of edge plate and edge seating material evenly coated to ensure a more solid adhesive force.
The first device through the precision linear guide movement, the use of automatic mode by tracking and high-speed motor cutting and other structures to ensure smooth section.
The finishing device is used for repairing the excess edge sealing materials on the upper and lower edges of the edge band of the processing sheet. The automatic tracking and the high-frequency high-speed motor are adopted to ensure the smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the sheet during edge trimming.
Tracking trimming high-precision profiling to ensure the perfect touch of the workpiece processing and visual effects, can achieve 4 different profiling.
The scraping device is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the process of non-linear trimming, which makes the upper and lower parts of the swapwood more smooth and clean.
Flat scraping thickness Edge Pneumatic adjustment, the upper and lower swapwood more smooth and neat.
Double Slotting device for side panels, direct Slotting, panel cutting saws to reduce the process more convenient and quick.
Polishing device is a cotton polishing wheel to clean the processed plate, the edge of the seal by polishing more smooth and delicate.
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