Big Herdsman – Poultry Equipment List

Layer cage

Aluminized zinc wire mesh: Corrosion resistance thereof is 3—4 times that of ordinary hot galvanized wire mesh.

Sliding cage door: It is limited to bending, convenient in operation, and good for taking the chickens in and out.

Bottom wire: It has a slope of 7 degrees and high elasticity due to being installed on the tension wire, and protects the eggs during falling and rolling.

Egg protective damper: It prevents the chickens from pecking eggs, and avoids chicken manure falling on the trough on the bottom layer.

Pullet cage

The drinking line is mounted with a drip cup, to avoid a water rusting manure belt.

The bottom mesh is mounted to tensioned steel wire so that the mesh is nice flexibility.

Large size push door, more convenient for catching birds when transferring.

The feed trough is perfectly inserted and connected with no seam, avoiding feed wastage.

Layer breeder cage

It adopts a large cage design of 4,824mm per group, which increases material benefits for breeding hens and improves the conception rate of hatching eggs.
It adopts a fully open door which is more convenient for catching and putting the chickens.

It adopts a general cage door for roosters and hens, which makes better protection for the cockscomb of roosters.

A partition design, which can effectively alleviate the problems of intensive breeding hens and laying eggs, is adopted inside the cage.

A design of partition + isolation net, which does not affect the ventilation effect of the cage, is adopted between the groups.

Three types of waterlines are available as options to increase material benefits for breeding hens and make them more adaptable.

Manual breeder cage

The cage frame adopts the hot galv. sheet with an average galvanized layer of no less than 275g/m² structure stability and long service life.

10% aluminized zinc wire mesh: corrosion resistance thereof is 3-4 times of that ordinary hot galvanized wire mesh.

Hot-dip galvanized feed trough: high strength, with its own flaring structure to achieve seamless splicing of feed trough and reduce feed waste. The low inner edge for feeding.
PVC bird baffle: high toughness, anti-rust exactly.

Sliding cage door: It is limited to bending, convenient in operation, and good for taking the chickens in and out. The rooster adopts the vertical lattice door to protect the comb.

The cage layer is up to 700 and is good in ventilation. Each floor is equipped with a top wire, which can prevent chickens from pecking the manure slider and avoid disease infection.

There are few plastic parts, so the cage is convenient to install and easy to maintain.

Egg Collection System

Elevator egg collection system

Egg collection system

  • It adopts a belt + overall egg claw mechanism.
  • It has a strong egg collection capacity:  more than 12,000/hour.
  • It is in simple structure and equipped with a belt tension and correction device.
  • It operates stably and reliably with few eggs broken.

The horizontal egg collection device

  • It cleans collected eggs during rolling and adjusts the direction of the eggs.
  • Collection trays, configured to collect soft-shelled eggs and dirt, are equipped on each layer.
  • An egg collection guide ensures that the eggs are uniformly distributed on the elevator egg collection device to improve efficiency.

Central egg collection system

Stable operation, low egg broken rate.

Designed in the modular system, meeting all the requirements for turning (corner 0-180° ), height, and of long-distance delivery

Feeding and Manure Removal System

Main feed line

More professional manufacturing process:

  • imported automatic numerical punching machine, smooth production line for corrugated ring panel production, bore punching, and so on;
  • all these factors ensure accurate installation, high product strength, and long-lasting service life.

Hopper feeding system

It is uniform for feeding to ensure that the chicks eat the feed uniformly and are high in weight uniformity.

The feed distributor can refresh the feed to ensure that there is no feed accumulated or no Mstalew feed.

It has low energy consumption during running and a low maintenance rate.

The feed box is separated from the trough or in contact with plastic parts, so as to effectively avoid the trough from wear.

The V-shaped trough may avoid “Feed at Edge” to prevent the feed from accumulating and mildewing, and affecting the health of chickens.

Water supply system

Waterfront kit

  • adjustable concentration for medication;
  • electronic water meter to record water consumption.

Pressure regulator

It can adjust the pressure at the outlet and has a recoil function.


The cage for the layer is equipped with a V-shaped water trough, and a hatching and breeding coop is liftable.

Manure removal system

Automatic manure removal system in cage

  • High-efficiency motor, make sure the belt transmission running stable and reliable.
  • Rubber-coated driving roller and sectional rubber coated tensioning roller make sure the belt pasted with less manure and no belt slippery.
  • The manure scraper is a little soft and effectively protects the pp conveyer belt. A double scraper ensures the cleaning effect of the conveyor belt. PU material, with long service life.
  • The two sides of the conveyor belt support are a little higher, preventing the manure from spilling out.

Automatic manure removal system outside the cage

Entirely galvanized cross and elevating conveyor frame, natural rubber manure belt, fast manure transmission speed.


Environmental Control System

Ventilation fan

  • The outer frame and the tube sheet are made of a hot-dip galvanized sheet with a galvanized layer of 275g/m² that meets the requirements of the national standard (GB/T2518-2008), and the die is stamped and formed, which is corrosion-resistant and beautiful.
  • The fan blade is made of nylon glass fiber mixed material, which has high strength, and corrosion resistance, and is bolted for easy disassembly.
  • Removable shutter assembly, low wind resistance, corrosion resistance, more convenient installation, and maintenance.
  • Cross-type fan column, firm structure, and reliable operation.
  • The large pulley and flange are integrated and are formed by hot die casting of high-strength hard aluminum alloy material, which is light in material and high in strength.

Chimney exhaust fan

  • It is used for exhaust ventilation in chicken houses and pig houses. The shell is made of polyethylene. The product is not affected by sunlight and frost and has stronger corrosion resistance and longer life.

  • The fan blade is made of nylon + glass fiber, with high strength and corrosion resistance.

  • The suction port is a mechanical butterfly structure, which can effectively prevent the air from flowing backward.

  • With a rain cover, the air volume is reduced by 10% at 0pa; with a water-receiving tray, the air volume is reduced by 3% at 0 pa.

Cooling pad

The wet pad paper used in the wet pad system is a special raw pulp, which is bonded by corrugated fiber paper. By adding special chemical components and special post-processing to the papermaking raw materials, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, and easy use. Features of long life.

The design has a corrugated fiber structure with a certain angle, which can provide a large enough surface area for the heat exchange of air and water, and can purify the air entering from the outside, with a certain natural filter performance.

Spray system

Cooling and humidification

The water is sprayed into the air of the chicken house from the high-pressure nozzle, and the sprayed water becomes mist and disperses quickly to absorb heat, thereby achieving the effect of cooling and humidification.

Dust removal and disinfection

The sprayed water mist can purify the dust in the air during the descending process.

Broiler Chicken Breeding Equipment

Advanced Chicken Cage System

Main line

The main feed line is circulated and the auxiliary feed line is controlled to achieve saturated feeding of all broilers.

Auxiliary line

The special cage feeding tray realizes the whole process of automatic welfare feeding on the age of one day to the chickens, reducing the waste of feed and the manual feeding of brooding.


A high-quality drinking water system eliminates leaks and ensures water quality. Each cage unit is equipped with 2 water lines and 12 nipples to ensure that broilers can easily and adequately get drinking water.


The floor is flexible to avoid injury to chicken breasts and chicken feet. Minimize chest herpes, hair follicle infections, and other important skin damage.


T5LED strip light, dedicated for cages, low power consumption, green light, adjustable average illuminance 5-35Lux, promotes healthy and rapid growth of chickens and reduces mortality

Chicken out system

In addition to the high quality of the environment and the effective reduction of diseases, the most obvious advantages of caged broilers are that the chickens are released quickly, the damage to the chickens is reduced, and labor is saved.

Excrement system

Automatic manure removal improves air quality and reduces ammonia content (3-5ppm) in the house. The conveyor belt is automatically cleaned by the scraper.

Layered Broiler Cage System

Main system

The mainframe is a hot-dip galvanized sheet without spangle, and the thickness of the galvanized layer is 275g/m2. The cage wire adopts the overall hot-dip galvanizing process after welding, a special galvanizing process, no zinc slag, and long service life.

The horizontal and vertical frames are firm and reliable, but simple and efficient, ensuring that the cage is stable and free from collapse.

Cage specifications: 1.25m long * 1m wide, with a ventilation space of 450mm on the cage, open vents of 50&80mm on both sides of the cage, and a total floor height of 600mm, with good ventilation.

Cage breeding density is 50kg/㎡, and each cage raises 25 chickens (2.5kg), which is quick and convenient to raise seedlings.

While catching chickens and feeding materials at the same time, the side of catching chickens is equipped with a vertical connection that can be stepped on, and the front and rear are equipped with an integral push-in type large mesh door, which can open the front mesh for brooding, which is convenient for feeding and catching chickens.

One-piece edge-sealing type injection pad net is comfortable, does not hurt chickens, and does not leak chicks.

Food trough: white PVC material trough, reliable quality, small joints, high straightness and smoothness, easy to wash.

Manure cleaning system

The longitudinal manure belt adopts a 1.0mm thick PP belt, with a smooth surface, high strength, clean manure, and avoid deviation.

The horizontal manure removal frame adopts the whole hot-dip galvanizing treatment, the conveyor belt is made of PVC material, adopts the seamless welding design, and the whole ring-shaped installation ensures the strength, the use effect, and the lifespan.

Feeding system

Sower-type feeder, hot-dip galvanized sheet metal frame, anti-corrosion, durable, precise design, stable and reliable.

Retractable patented design of the leveler (patent number: 202120159347.6 Patent name: a new type of leveler), which can overcome the uneven blanking caused by the uneven ground and make the material uniform.

The design of anti-pressing feet and anti-derailment electrical appliances of the planter wheel ensures safe escort breeding.

The seeder is controlled by the integrated circuit, which can be used for manual, automatic timing, and remote control, and goes a step further to artificial intelligence automatic breeding.

Water supply system

The drinking water system is improved uniformly, with reliable quality, avoiding leakage, reducing labor, and avoiding damage to the water line caused by human error.

Drinking nipples are guaranteed for 10 years, 360° side shot water, water droplets hang beads, stimulating drinking water.


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