Choice the Right Sodium Polyacrylate Before Ask Where to Buy


About sodium polyacrylate

As an amazing absorption material, sodium polyacrylate has hundreds of uses in our life. And there're huge differences among them in the absorption, absorbent rate, water gel strength, degradation time, etc.

So, it's kind of necessary to know sodium polyacrylate before purchase.

Uses with important indicators

Hygiene products

Sodium polyacrylate can be used in many hygiene products as an efficient liquid absorbent material. These hygiene products include paper diapers, sanitary towels, nursing pads, etc.

important indicators:

  • Absorbent rate;
  • Absorption under pressure and retention capacity after centrifugation;
  • Liquid Permeability;
  • Residual Monomer.

Waterproof tape of cable

As sodium polyacrylate gel can block water, it could be the functional material in the waterproof tape of cables.

important indicators:

  • Expansion height;
  • Granular size.

Ice bag/pack

With the high specific heat & spill-resistant character, sodium polyacrylate could be the thermal insulation material.

important indicators:

  • Price;
  • Granular size.

Inflatable sandbag

Different from a traditional sandbag, an inflatable sandbag (sodium polyacrylate inside) has so many advantages:

1. Transport. Lightweight before they’re used, thousands of inflatable bags can be quickly transported in a van.

2. Storage. Inflatable bags can be vacuumed-packed. So they can be stored in small depots for a long time.

3. Use. Compare with a traditional sandbag, inflatable bags are easier to carry & pile up.

important indicators:

  1. Absorbent rate;
  2. The photolysis resistance.

Leaking stoppage / Spilling treatment

Industrial grade sodium polyacrylate is cheap and can absorb plenty of liquid in few minutes. And solid waste is much easier to treat than a liquid one.

important indicators:

  1. Price;
  2. Coagulation time.
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