Complete Hair Extension Color Chart (in natural light)

August 25, 2021

Popular Colors

1 (Black)

#1 (Black / Jet Black) – Complete black, the darkest black hair color you can get.

1B (Off Black)

#1B (Off Black) – The natural black hair looks like it, also known as soft black or raven back.

2 (Dark Brown)

#2 (Dark Brown / Darkest Brown) – The darkest possible brown hair color is almost black unless you get close.

4 (Chocolate Brown)

#4 (Chocolate Brown / Dark Golden Brown) – A really dark hair color, which looks like dark chocolate.

6 (Medium Brown / Chestnut Brown)

#6 (Medium Brown / Chestnut Brown) – A dark to medium brown hair color, which reminds of chestnut and has some traces of reddish-brown.

8 (Brown / Light Chestnut Brown)

#8 (Brown / Light Chestnut Brown) – A natural brown hair color is the favorite brown colon in various saloons.

10 (Light Brown / Medium Golden Brown / Ash Brown)

#10 (Light Brown / Medium Golden Brown / Ash Brown) – A medium brown hair color with small visible traces of golden brown.

12 (Warm Light Brown / Light Reddish Brown / Light Golden Brown)

#12 (Warm Light Brown / Light Reddish Brown / Light Golden Brown) – This is a medium-light brown color with visible traces of red tones.

16 (Dark Blonde / Ash Blonde / Medium Ash Brown)

#16 (Dark Blonde / Ash Blonde / Medium Ash Brown) – This hair color mixes beautiful ashes and blond, one of the more popular choices for spring and autumn.

20 (Swedish Blonde / Gold Blonde)

#20 (Swedish Blonde / Gold Blonde) – Another gold bond alternative is Sweden's most popular hair color.

22 (Champagne Blonde / Light Ash Blonde)

22 (Champagne Blonde / Light Ash Blonde) – This color features golden or champaign-like traces of yellow throughout the hair.

60 (Platinum Blonde / Bleached Blonde)

#60 (Platinum Blonde / Bleached Blonde) – A trendy blond hair color among most women and a great #613 alternative.

613 (Blonde / Light Blonde)

#613 (Blonde / Light Blonde) is also known as snow white and baby blonde hair color, another popular alternative for #60.

Common Colors

30 (Medium Auburn / Red Brown)

#30 (Medium Auburn / Red Brown) – A slightly warmer and darker alternative to the #33 true copper hair color.

33 (True Copper / Vibrant Red Brown / Dark Auburn) 

#33 (True Copper / Vibrant Red Brown / Dark Auburn) – One of the sexiest and most popular reddish and brown hair colors out there.

99J (Red Wine / Plum) 

#99J (Red Wine / Plum) – Also known as color #118 or burgundy, one of the deepest reddish colors out there.

350 (Dark Ginger / Orange Red) 

#350 (Dark Ginger / Orange Red) – A bright and dark-looking ginger hair color with traces of brown and red.

Rosa (Golden Pink / Pink Blonde)

#Rosa (Golden Pink / Pink Blonde) – A new hair color mix of blond and very light links.

Red (Ruby / Bright Red / Strawberry Red) 

#Red (Ruby / Bright Red / Strawberry Red) – As bright as a ruby gem or a strawberry, you (probably) can’t get any shinier than that.

Bug (Fushia / Bright Red Vine / Dark Lilac)

#Bug (Fushia / Bright Red Vine / Dark Lilac) – A darker and colder version of the violet hair color.

Violet (Lavender / Bright Amethyst / Dark Beautyberry)

Violet (Lavender / Bright Amethyst / Dark Beautyberry) – Extremely bright and shiny hair color, often used during the Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Pink (Rose / Pale Red / Golden Sunrise)

#Pink (Rose / Pale Red / Golden Sunrise) – The most popular and attention-grabbing color for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Lilac (Purple / Lila / Dark Mauve / Mallow)

#Lilac (Purple / Lila / Dark Mauve / Mallow) – A very dark and deep purple hair color, a great one for parties or women that love fun hairstyles.

Blue (Ocean Blue / Electric Blue)

#Blue (Ocean Blue / Electric Blue) – A fascinating and attention-grabbing color perfect for brave women and parties.

Green (Gray Green / Light Green)

#Green (Gray Green / Light Green) – As green as beautiful spring grass, with lighter and darker hair shades.

Turkis (Golden Green / Blond Green)

#Turkis (Golden Green / Blond Green) – One of the newest hair colors is a light green color with subtle hints of blond.

Mixed Hair Colors

12 / 613 (Warm Light Brown + Blonde) 

#12 / #613 (Warm Light Brown + Blonde) – A beautiful hair color combination of golden brown and light blond.

18 / 613 (Honey Blonde + Blonde) 

#18 / #613 (Honey Blonde + Blonde) – One of the most popular mixed / ombre combinations: honey blond and blonde.

27 / 613 (Strawberry Blonde + Blonde)

#27 / #613 (Strawberry Blonde + Blonde) – Another trendy combination (be it ombre or not), a mix of two beautiful blond colors.

4 / 27 (Chocolate Brown + Strawberry Blonde)

#4 / #27 (Chocolate Brown + Strawberry Blonde) – An interesting, full of contrast and really playful combination of beautiful brown and strawberry blonde.
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