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Great Eyelash Business Ideas & Opportunities

Want to start an eyelash business?

But we know what you might be thinking –

“Eyelashes being all the rage these days is one thing but starting a business, that involves a lot of money, right?”

But that money is a lot less than you think. An eyelash business can be started from as low as $1000!

Yes, that’s how much you need to become a lash artist!

What’s even more intimidating is that there are not 1, 2 or 3 but 9 eyelash business types to work on!

Depending upon your interest and investment appetite you can start with any.

We will explain each of them in detail in this blog post.

9 Eyelash Business to Start With

From styling to training, each of these eyelash business ideas can help you pursue your love for eyelashes and also earn your dream income. The lash industry offers many lucrative business opportunities for both beginners and established professionals.

Become an Eyelash Extension Professional

● Min. Investment:$1,000

● Experience: 0 to 5 years

The demand for eyelashes has witnessed an exponential increase in the last few years and so is the demand for professional lash artists. Applying lashes is not easy for everyone because of the delicate and precision involved around it. This makes people turn to a lash artist to style their lashes.

As a lash artist, you can provide extending, lifting, tinting and perming lash services to your customers. You can use your skills and experience to get creative and help your clients look their best!

The best part about this eyelash business is that you can start with absolutely zero experience. All you have to do is enroll in a lash training course and get trained on how to apply eyelash extensions on customers. The basic eyelash training courses start at $1,000, which is not much considering the ROI.

The average salary for a lash artist in the USA is $50,000 while the salary for beginners starts from $29,250. This way you can recover your investment within a year and also have thousands of dollars in terms of savings.

With some experience and positive client reviews, you can even scale up your earnings within a few months.

There are 3 ways to offer your lash extension services:

At a Salon: The easiest way to start is by working at a lash salon. This way you will get a fixed salary and also have an opportunity to learn from other lash artists at the salon. You are also relieved from the hassle of scouting for customers.

At Your Home: If you are confident about getting customers and have a spare room at home, then you can provide lash extension services right out of your home. All you need to do is get the necessary equipment and turn your home into a mini-salon. Promote yourself on social media and that’s it, you’re ready!

Go Mobile: Just like a makeup artist, you can create your mobile eyelash station and carry it along with you. Take customer appointments and head straight to their homes and style them.

Become an Eyelash Extension Trainer

● Min. Investment: $250

● Experience: 5+ years

If you have already worked in the eyelash industry for several years and are looking to share that experience with others, the best way to do this is by turning yourself into a lash trainer.

Many individuals aspire to become lash artists and you can offer courses for them. But to offer the training you will need certification from your local regulatory authority. Different countries and states have their own rules when it comes to becoming a lash educator or trainer. Check with your local authorities to see what certifications and licenses you need.

Once you have the certification, you can begin offering in-person courses directly to students. To enhance the trust of your students, you can also get an accreditation certificate from an international lash association like Lash Inc. The accreditation will only cost you $250 but will help your students know that the training offered by you is of international standards.

If you want, you can also join a professional training institute. Many training institutes are looking for skilled lash experts who can facilitate their training workshops.

You can charge between $1,000 to $3,000 for an entry-level 3 to 5-day lash training course. Slowly, you can start offering advanced-level courses and earn more from your training.

Another way to monetize your training business is by selling eyelash extension supplies and kits to your students. This will help you earn a side income apart from your regular lash training business

Create Video Content

● Min. Investment: $100

● Experience: 2 to 5+ years

Video courses are also the shiz right now. You can create your videos on lashes and turn it into a profitable venture. There are two models to earn from video content.

YouTube Channel

If you have seen videos on product tutorials, reviews and comparisons on YouTube, you might have not realized but that content is helping the channel to earn. You can do the same by creating a lash artist channel on YouTube.

Create amazing videos on how to style different types of lashes, industry insights, or any other topic centered around eyelashes that you think can be interesting for viewers. Upload it on your channel and start earning by signing up for the YouTube Partner Program. You need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000+ watch hours on your channel before you can sign up for the program. Get paid for ad views on your video content.

According to research by Forbes, a YouTube Channel can earn $5 for 1,000 Ad views. So a channel with 2 million views can earn $10,000 upwards!

Alternatively, you can even do affiliate marketing through your videos. The key is to make engaging content that adds value and makes people subscribe to your channel.

Video-On-Demand (VOD)

If you are skeptical about getting into the crowded space called YoutTube? Then VOD is the way for you. VOD is a subscription-based service where a user first has to pay to get access to your content.

You can create video tutorials and offer them directly on your website or social media profiles. Customers can sign up for the tutorial and get access to your exclusive content after making the payment.

Uploading your videos on training platforms like Udemy can also help you earn more. You tend to benefit from the millions of students who use Udemy. The credibility of Udemy also makes your course look legitimate to students.

Based on your instructor plan, you can earn between 3% to  50% in commissions from every student who signs up for your course.

Publish an E-Book

● Min. Investment: $350

● Experience: 5+ years

Lash experts who love to write can publish their E-Book. It is very cost-effective and also the way forward.

The first thing that you need to do is get your manuscript ready. Write down all the knowledge and experience that can be valuable for lash artists or professionals.

Hire a proofreader to polish your manuscript and if you want you can also get a book cover designed by a graphic designer. This will make your E-Book look more appealing. Gig platforms like Fiverr can help you get these done for under $300.

The easiest and fastest way to publish your book is on Amazon Kindle. You can sign up for their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program and earn up to 70% commissions on titles priced more than $2.99.

So, if you price it at $6 and manage to sell 1,000 copies in a year, you would have earned $4,200 in commissions!

Private Label Business

● Min. Investment: $5,000 to $10,000

● Experience: 3 to 5 years

For those of you who have garnered a lot of experience in the lash industry, the next step is to start your private label. By doing this you can offer exclusive lash extension products like strip lashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash glue, eyelash cleaners, eyelash removers and other related products to your customers. With hard work and dedication, you could turn your private label into a high-earning business venture.

It is also easy to get lash products from OEM companies as they can supply products and custom eyelash boxes with your brand logo. All you have to do is focus on finding a suitable location and promote your private lash label. You can rope in your existing client base to give a kick start to your new journey.

If your business gets a good response, you could even consider offering lash application services by opening a salon. This will allow you to diversify your private lash label. It is one of the most sought after eyelash business types for lash artists.


● Create and grow your personal brand

● Freedom to operate the business

● Offer customized products

● You can start with a minimum investment


● Requires a lot of hard work

● Facing competition can be challenging

● Can take time to build customers

Become a Franchisee

● Min. Investment: $240,000

● Experience: 0+ years

If the idea of starting your private label seems overwhelming to you, you can consider taking the franchisee of an already established brand. The Lash Lounge, Lash Bar, and Amazing Lash Studio are some well-known lash salon brands that offer franchises to interested entrepreneurs.

Opening a franchise will let you encash on the brand’s goodwill, expertise, training, and products to provide high-quality lash extension services to your customers.

There are many franchisees of these brands who have started with absolutely no experience but are doing incredibly well.


● Brand recognition to drive sales

● Staff training and support

● Access to high-quality products

● Franchisor helps in advertising and promotion


●Requires huge investment

●Have to pay a royalty on revenue

●Franchisor sets limits on how you can run the business

Wholesale Eyelash Business

● Min. Investment: $50,000

● Experience: 2 to 4 years

If you know people in your industry who are looking for high-quality lash extensions and related products, you can start an independent wholesale eyelash business. Just like a private label, you will have to invest time and effort in building your wholesale eyelash business.

You can get products at wholesale prices from vendors and earn money by selling them to retailers. If you already have a private label or salon, then you stand to benefit more as you can sell the remaining stock from your wholesale business at your store.


● Cost-effective and higher profitability

● Use remaining stock at your store


● Risk associated with high stock levels

● Requires huge investment

● Need a lot of space to organize products

Business Training

● Min. Investment: $200-500 (for creating tutorials)

● Experience: 8+ years

If you are someone who has helped businesses grow and organize themselves into successful going concerns, then you can offer lash business training courses.

Several individuals are overwhelmed with the growing response of their business but do not know how to scale it up further. Share your experience and help better organize and grow your business. Your inputs can enhance the skills of entrepreneurs, lash artists, and other professionals working in the field. They can benefit from learning how to better market themselves to improve their value and earnings.

As a business trainer, you can offer in-person or online training. You can also publish Ebooks, VOD, and YouTube tutorials. All of these eyelash business ideas can earn you money.

You can also team up with experts from different fields like lash artists, merchandisers, and digital marketers to offer holistic business training courses.

Sell Lash Business Information

● Min. Investment: $0

● Experience: 6 to 8 years

Eyelash extensions application services and eyelash products are not the only offerings that can earn you money. Business information like vendor lists, business blueprints, client lists, and other related information also have a lot of value in the lash industry.

If you have established relationships with a wide network of suppliers and clients, and also have access to blueprints of successful lash business models, then you can earn money by selling this information to others. This is one of the eyelash business ideas that can help you earn passive income

While this does not need a lot of investment, what you need is several years of experience in the lash industry. The manufacturer and distributor list that you have should be carefully evaluated to ensure your customers get the best quality products from them.

You can also upload the vendor list on platforms like Shopify to earn commissions on sales.

How to Start an Eyelash Extension Business

Starting an eyelash extension business is an excellent way to make a lucrative income while working part-time. Since the eyelash extension business is service-based, you don’t have to worry about expensive inventory and high start-up costs. This business has low barriers to entry, and with a small investment in training and classes, you can be well on your way to enjoying the financial freedom and career security that comes along with owning an eyelash extension business.

Step 1: Research State Requirements

Each state has its own requirements for lash technicians. Since eyelash application is a relatively new innovation in the beauty industry, there may be wildly varying requirements between states and even cities. The first step is to research these requirements to ensure that you are operating legally. Will you need a license? Does the state count your years of experience in lieu of a license? Contact your state licensing board to find out exactly what credentials you will need to start your business. Do not skip this step!

Decide if you are going to work from home or set up a salon. This is a major consideration that will have a huge impact on your budget. There are pros and cons to both.

  • An at-home salon has lower overhead expenses, but you miss out on the foot traffic that you would get at a salon
  • You can only work out of your home if your home is zoned for commercial business. If not, you could be hit with penalities from your city or town
  • People tend to expect to pay less when using an at-home salon, so you may have to lower your prices
  • If you are thinking of traveling to client’s homes to perform the service, safety can be an issue. You have no control over who else may be present in the home. Additionally, you don’t have control over factors like the client’s lighting and your workspace
  • Traveling to the client’s home can take valuable time—time that you could be earning money. Charge accordingly.

Step 2: Create a Budget

There are a lot of budget considerations when it comes to starting your eyelash extension business. First, you will need to map out startup costs. (This is where your licensing requirements will play a huge role) Here are a few costs to consider when creating your budget:

Projected Costs (startup)

  • Certification and licensing

If you have no prior experience with lashing, you will need to get your lash certification. Depending on where you live, this course can cost between $1,000 and $4,000.

  • Insurance

You will definitely need adequate insurance as you will be performing a service on another person’s body. Should that person become injured or sick as the result of your service, you could lose your entire investment. Your insurance will cover bodily injury, loss or theft of your tools, and liability for any damages that result from your service. This is another step that you absolutely should not skip.

  • Equipment, space rental and supplies costs

This will definitely vary depending on how you will operate your business. If you are planning to work in an existing salon, you likely won’t need too much decoration or cash for building out your space. If you are renting your own salon (or purchasing a building) you will need to factor in rent, mortgage, utilities, decor, workstations, and cash registers. Your startup costs may include security deposits, utility deposits, and the upfront purchase of furnishings.

Ongoing Costs:

  • Supplies

Of course, you will need the lash extensions, glue, cleansers, and tools. Invest in the best quality supplies you can find and charge a premium for them. Find one supplier you trust and stick with them to enjoy a long-lasting relationship and (hopefully) discounts for your loyalty.

  • Utilities, Rent

Factor in the costs to rent the place each month. This may include booth rental or building rental. Of course, you can save with a mobile service in which you travel to your client. In that case, you will need to factor in the cost of travel and vehicle maintenance, and insurance.

  • Advertising and Marketing

You can build the best eyelash extension business on the market, but it won’t thrive if nobody knows about it. You will need to factor in the costs of a website, advertising, and other marketing materials to get your name out there.

Projecting Your Income

The next step is to figure out how much potential income you can earn from your business.

A full set of eyelashes usually costs the client between $150-$200. For refills, the client will typically pay between $55-$65. Of course, these costs will vary based on a number of factors. First, your geographic location matters. You can certainly charge close to the higher end of pricing in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, but bear in mind, your overhead costs will be higher as well.

You also need to factor in the cost based on the time it takes you to complete the application. If a full set of lashes costs the client $200, for example, and it takes you an hour to complete, your average hourly earnings are $200. If it takes you two hours, your earnings drop by 50 percent to $100.

In addition, you will also need to factor in your overhead costs. Let’s look at an example here:

  • Price per client: $200
  • Overhead costs: $2,500 monthly
  • Break-even point: 13 clients per month
  • Price per client: $100
  • Overhead costs: $2,500 monthly
  • Break-even point: 25 clients per month

The break-even point is the point at which your expenses and your income are the same. After that point, each client you service represents a profit for your business. Consider, for the sake of argument, that you service 5 clients per day. At $200 per client, it would take you less than three days of work to break even. At $100 per client, it would take you about five days.

Assuming you work a 20-day month, you would earn profits 17 days per month at $200 per client, and 15 days per month at $100 per client.

Of course, earning your profits each month is not going to happen in this clean and predictable fashion. There are all sorts of factors that will affect how much you earn each month. Weather is a major one. A blizzard, thunderstorm, or extreme heat can keep people from venturing out of their homes, drastically affecting your daily profits. Road construction outside of your shop can make it hard for clients to visit, thus reducing your profits. Major holidays like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and Independence Day can mean larger than average crowds, which can cause your profits to swell.

So in projecting your income for your business, it pays to be conservative in your estimations. In other words, assume that your expenses will be about 25 percent higher than your project and your income will be about 25 percent lower than your project.

Step 3: Learn How to Do Eyelash Extensions

There is a reason that we listed this step third instead of first. You will need to be well aware of your startup costs before you go out and hang up your “Open” sign and start waiting for the business to come flying through the front door. You need to be realistic about your startup costs, ongoing costs, and potential profits. So now that you have done the math and you’re convinced that you are ready to start the eyelash extension business, it’s time to get the right training.

Finding a Training Program

Lash extensions have exploded in popularity in the past few years, with more nail salons and beauty salons looking to add this service to their existing menu. This demand has also brought with it an influx of “training programs” promising to teach the ins and outs of lash application. While most of these are legitimate, there are scams and low-quality programs out there. Understanding how to find the right one is key to getting the best possible training.

  • Make sure the course has accredited instructors

Remember what we said about state licensing? Accreditation is equally as important. There are boards that accredit schools and individual instructors, so search for your training program with your state’s accreditation board.

  • What comes in the lash kit?

Lash courses will come with a kit that includes the supplies and tools you need to start doing applications for class practice. These kits typically include lash trays, adhesive, primer, remover, gel eye pads, lash tape, micro brushes and scissors. Other kits will include more items and some will include less. Be sure to ask what’s included as this will make a difference in the cost of your training.

How long is the program?

If you are looking to start an eyelash extension business right away, you will want to know how long it will take to get your certification. Some training programs are offered for one full day or two to three half days. It pays to ask how many days you can expect to be in the training.

Can you bring a model?

It is important that you bring a live model to practice with during your training. Without this live training, there is no way to tell if you will be ready to work with actual clients. In some cases, the training will include a model, but it is important to ask this upfront so you know what to expect.

Step 4: Start Working

If you have worked in the eyelash business before, you’re in luck. You likely already have a set of clients who trust your work and will support you in your new business.

If you have not already developed a client base, the best way to do it is to work in another eyelash extension salon first. Spend a few months working as an employee for a salon owner so you can get an idea of how the business is run. You will get used to scheduling clients, managing your workload, and handling the financials.

Advertising and Marketing

Once you have gotten some experience under your belt, it’s time to let people know that you offer eyelash services. There are many ways to advertise your business, and it helps to tap into more than one to see which ones are most effective.

Postcard marketing has proven to be highly effective in bringing in clients for service-based businesses. You can find simple and inexpensive postcard templates from sites like Vistaprint™ and print up a few hundred to get started.

Hand them out at local businesses. Any business that caters to women is an idea. The wine shop, the local brunch spot, the nail salon (if they don’t offer this service), the dog groomer, the supermarket.

It is also helpful to set up a website to get the word out about you online. Advertise on your social media pages, have friends post pictures of themselves with brand new lashes, and tag you and your new business. Developing a Web presence is important, so even if you choose not to go with a full website, it pays to set up accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

Niches and Specialties

If you really want to bring in the big bucks, market your business to brides, girls going to prom, and other special events. You can set up “lash parties” and work on several clients at once. Team up with makeup artists and photographers and perform your work on-site for photoshoots. The sky is the limit when it comes to adding value to your business, so find the right niche and start advertising. Try sites that connect special event vendors to clients and the work will come to you.

When it comes to opening your new eyelash extension business, there are many factors to consider. The eyelash extension industry is booming, as more women are devoting their disposable income to self-improvement. With the right training, work experience, and a bit of cash, you will be well on your way to the financial freedom that this career path brings.

Eyelash Extension Training Classes

89% of eyelash artists practicing in the United States have completed some type of training. This highlights the importance of taking formal training. Formal training helps to gain knowledge and insights from experts in the industry.

However, there is also a problem as to which training to take. With hundreds of courses offered by different institutes, it can be overwhelming for you to select one. Signing up for a course that does not meet your expectations can turn out to be an expensive investment and can also demotivate you.

Having hands-on experience in the field, we decided to create this post to help those who are looking for a great eyelash extension training.

In this post, we cover everything that you need to know about how to select a lash training course and what are some of the best eyelash extension classes available.

How to Choose Eyelash Extension Training Classes?

You should consider the following things before taking up an eyelash extension course:

Course Type

There are courses for beginners as well as experienced lash artists. Beginners should sign up for a course that covers the basics of lash applications. Experienced lash artists can take up advanced level programs to improve their skills or become an educator with one of the training institutes. With a steady rise in demand for eyelash training courses, many institutes are looking for experienced professionals who can provide training to students.

Offline vs Online

The eyelash training workshops are available both in the offline and online formats. Classroom training can help you gain confidence by allowing you to work with a live model. On the other hand, online training allows you to learn the skills without having to travel. Depending upon your preference and training availability near your location, you can select a classroom or online training course.


The course that you enroll in should provide you with a certificate after completion of the training. It is important to note that certification does not guarantee you the legal right to practice as a lash artist. For this, you should check your local state or country laws to find out the regulations governing the profession. However, certification adds great value to you as a lash artist.

After course support

Even after completing the course, you will need support to grow and face challenges in your lash career. As a beginner, you might also need help on how to source your supplies and eyelash kits. Enrolling in a course that offers support in these areas will help you save significant time looking for supplies. You can use this time on building a strong clientele.


The eyelash training courses are available from $400 to $2500. While most offer the same level of knowledge, the pricier ones do offer complimentary kits and other resources. Depending upon your budget, you can select a particular training course.

Now let us look at the best eyelash extension courses.

Best Eyelash Extension Training Classes

1. Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes offers the best eyelash training experience by providing courses to individuals of all skill levels. They offer real-time live training with educators to their students. This is better than VOD courses, as students can clear their doubts while doing the course. They also have a small batch size of 10 students which ensures training is focused on student development.

Training Highlights:

  • Get your name registered in the certified Xtreme Lashes directory and let clients in your area locate you.
  • Get premium quality Xtreme Lashes products at wholesale prices.
  • Includes Xtreme Lashes certification and access to several loyalty programs.
  • Gifts included in the training are a Pro Eyelash Extension Lash Stylist Pack, Pro Eyelash Extension Application Station Pack and Lashita Deluxe Collection.
  • Course duration – 4 days.
  • Starts from $2,195.

2. Lashforever Canada

Lashforever Canada was the first of its kind lash training institute in Canada. They have an experienced team of accredited instructors and customer care staff who provide exceptional training and support to their students. Lashforever Canada has trained over 9,000 students so far.

The Lash Lift & Tint is a beginner level course offered both in the online and offline formats. The online course gives you unlimited access to the online training portal, allowing you to learn at your pace. They offer 2 more advanced courses at their academies which promises to improve your lash skills. There is also an All-in-One course that combines all the 3 courses into one.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn about social media marketing techniques to promote your brand.
  • Certification is included in every course.
  • Get a high-quality lash kit with your course.
  • Course duration – 1 to 4 days.
  • Training centers are located in Manitoba, Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario.
  • Starts from $500 (online) and $750 (offline) + applicable taxes.

3. Lavish Lashes

Tim and Mary Jane, the founders of Lavish Lashes have been in the industry for over 15 years. Mary has herself trained over 3,500 students and personally trains all of the Certified Lavish Lashes Trainers. This gives a sense of trust to students that they are investing in the right eyelash training course.

Lavish Lashes offer multiple course options ranging from Basic to Advanced. The duration of most of their courses is 1 day, during which students also get a chance to apply lash extensions on a model. A great thing about Lavish Lashes is that they also offer an opportunity for professionals to become trainers and work with them in training students.

Training Highlights:

  • Get Lavish Lashes certification upon completion.
  • Course duration – 1 to 2 days. You can also take back-to-back courses.
  • Eyelash Extensions Kits included in some advanced level programs
  • Available at multiple locations all over the USA and Canada.
  • The One Day Basic Course starts from $695.

4. Lashpro Academy

Lashpro Academy was founded by Courtney Buhler, an internationally recognized Lash Artist. She brings years of experience and learning to create a value-adding lash training course.

The academy follows a rigorous process to ensure only students who exhibit safe and high-quality lash applications are granted certificates. Lashpro Academy offers both VOD and Private training courses to students.

Training Highlights:

  • Once registered you have lifetime access to video modules and client files.
  • Kit included with most courses.
  • In-person training available in Taiwan, Queensland (Australia), and Alberta and Ontario (Canada).
  • Optional 3 to 4-hour Private training (on Zoom) also available.
  • Prices start from $495 (without kit) and $895 (with kit).

5. Lash Affair

Lash Affair continuously innovates their training to keep students in sync with the latest lash styling and adhesive trends. Their online lash training is detailed and diverse. The online courses include 5 modules, with one dedicated to ‘Aftercare and Retailing Services.’

Lash Affair also allows you to apply for scholarships.

Training Highlights:

  • Classroom courses are available across multiple locations in the USA and Canada.
  • Classroom training includes dedicated time slots for applying extensions on models.
  • The duration of classroom training is 2 days.
  • Get mentorship and support after completing certification.
  • Kit is not included in all the online courses.
  • Cost of courses: Online – $600 and Offline $1850 (including kit).

6. Yegi Beauty

Yegi Beauty focuses on providing premium eyelash training classes. They have created around 12 online and offline eyelash training courses to help everyone from beginners to experts in the lash business.

Apart from the basic Classic and Volume Courses, Yegi Beauty also offers a Yegi Educator course that certifies you as a Yegi Educator. Experienced lash professionals can enroll in this course to start their training careers.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn about classic and volume lashes, business tips and creating handmade fans.
  • Online courses give you 90-day access to the training materials.
  • Private 1-on-1 training course only available in California.
  • The duration of classroom training is 2 days.
  • Get mentorship and support after completing certification.
  • Kit is not included in online courses.
  • Course starting price: Online – $495 and Offline $845 (including kit).

7. Lash RX

Lash Rx offers a complete mastery course in eyelash application. Their training is broken into three segments that cover:

  • Hygiene and safety
  • Lash application process
  • Client aftercare and marketing opportunities.

This ensures that students enrolling in the course are not only equipped to apply lash extensions but are also aware of the safety standards to follow. Students also learn how to market their services.

Training Highlights:

  • Professional lash extension kit and training manual included in the course.
  • Learn how to apply Natural Classic & 2D-5D Hybrid look.
  • Get mentorship and support after completing certification.
  • Option to book group private training for 8 to 10 individuals.
  • The duration of classroom training is 3 days.
  • Center located in Dallas, Texas.
  • Cost of course $1899 (without kit) and $2500 (including kit).

8. La Lash Academy

La Lash Academy has been training individuals in the last industry since 2005. To help their students get work, the academy has partnerships with lash salons who look forward to employing La Lash Academy graduates.

The academy offers only classroom training through their 2 Day Masterclass. It provides holistic training by clearing the fundamentals of the eyelash application process. They also have a Virtual Beyond Volume class which is for existing lash professionals looking to upgrade their skills.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn how to apply all different types of eyelashes.
  • Small class size to give 1-on-1 time with the instructor.
  • Free retake option if you cannot learn it the first time.
  • Graduates of La Lash Academy get a lifetime 20% on materials purchased from
  • Center located in Santa Monica, California.
  • The course costs $1199 ($300 extra for the kit).

9. Pearl Lash

Pearl Lash is a fully licensed and certified lash training academy having a BBB A+ rating. This proves the authenticity and the high-quality training offered by them. Pearl Lash offers both online and offline training courses.

Each student is trained by a master trainer who guides them through all the steps of eyelash application. Certification is granted after successful completion of the course and you also get unlimited access to the student video portal.

Training Highlights:

  • Participants get a free listing on The Pearl Lash Network of Professional Artists which allows them to market their services.
  • Lifetime support with a direct line of communication with the trainer.
  • Offers free Lifetime Refresher Program to certified students.
  • Centers are located in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Miami, Birmingham, and Boca Raton.
  • The course costs $475 ($150 extra for the kit).

10. Lash Out! Pro

Lash Out! Pro offers internationally recognized training classes through its online and classroom-based workshop training courses. Lash Out! Pro offers a wide array of resources with their training to help students grow and maintain strong client relationships. Their focus is not limited to making students understand the practical application techniques but also aid them in setting up their brand.

Training Highlights:

  • Business Startup Tool Kit included with all classes.
  • Phone and Email support with Online Trainer.
  • Special consideration is given to client safety practices.
  • Workshop duration is one day.
  • Training center located at La Jolla, San Diego.
  • Course starting price: Online – $199 (excluding kit) and Workshop $1050 (including Starter Kit).

11. Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes is one of the leading lash training institutes in the United Kingdom. With 10+ years of experience, they offer beginner to expert level eyelash training courses that can help you start as a lash artist or upskill yourself.

Their training includes a pre-study module, a half-day online webinar and a half-day in-class training. You will get to learn both theory and practical insights into the application of eyelashes. The training also has modules on how to set-up your business, consultation skills and safety procedures to follow.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn how to apply volume, extensions and semi-permanent lashes.
  • Get a Certification upon completion.
  • Access to lifetime support and a dedicated account manager to all the participants.
  • Training locations -London, Yorkshire, South Wales, Birmingham, Scotland, Northern Ireland. For International training locations and contact information visit their website.
  • Full training duration is 3 months.
  • Costs between £199 to £599 (inclusive of kit)

12. i-Lashes

i-Lashes is a premiere lash salon located in Brisbane CBD, Australia. They offer hands-on training workshops for a beginner as well as experienced lash artists. Both the beginner and advanced level courses have a duration of 2 days and are conducted on Sundays. You can schedule them at your convenience. If you want to learn more, it is also possible to book an additional training class.

While many eyelash training courses limit their study area to training you how to apply lash extensions, iLashes goes a step further by helping you understand the business aspects of the industry. In this course, you will get an idea about how to start a lash business, grow and maintain relationships with customers, budget planning, promoting your business and other related aspects.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn how to apply eyelash extensions on a live model.
  • Includes email and phone support to grow your business.
  • Receive certification after completion.
  • Training includes a kit with resources to apply eyelash extensions on 20 clients.
  • Location – Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia.
  • Training costs (inclusive of kit) $1,750. Additional practical training costs $500 per day.

Start an Eyelash Business Online

Like any other business, starting an eyelash business comes with its fair share of challenges if there is no proper strategy. The beauty industry is particularly demanding in terms of resource inputs, technical know-how, and go-to-market strategy, all of which determine whether the business remains successful. For the same reason, we have developed this guide from which you can learn how to start your own lashes business.

Setting up an eyelash business in the online space is even more sensitive and can easily flop if effective strategies are not implemented from the onset. If you are unsure where to start, do not worry because we got you covered. This guide will set you on the right path.

Find Your Eyelash Vendors

As a business, vendors are essential partners in the supply chain. In one way or another, they will contribute to the success or failure of your eyelash business. You want to get the best vendor who will supply the best products at reasonable wholesale prices. The ultimate goal is to get products that will get customers to keep coming while also being able to make profits to keep your business in the growth trajectory.

Why a vendor is important

Once you have established your market and are ready to sell products to them, you must have a constant supply to ensure that you meet their demands. Vendors are critical in ensuring that businesses have enough products to sell to their customers. If you do not get a vendor, you will not be able to give customers what they want. They will be disappointed and look for other competitors from where they can get what they want. You will not only lose your customer base but also risk a damaged brand reputation. There are tips on how to find eyelash vendors.

How to find a good vendor

  • Step 1: It is essential to document your eyelash business’s needs as a basis for finding a vendor that best meets your needs. From the document, establish criteria for vendor selection.
  • Step 2: Conduct market research to identify potential sources by visiting review sites and websites to determine which firms can best supply what you need for your business. After that, call or send out emails to the identified potential vendors and state your needs.
  • Step 3: Organize and hold initial vendor discussions and have each of the potential vendors pitch their products/offerings and why they are best suited to be your choice. A reasonable number of potential vendors at this stage is 8-10
  • Step 4: Based on products, service, price offerings, and other business aspects, weed out the vendors, you believe do not align with your needs and expectations. Eliminate and remain with 2-4 vendors.
  • Step 5: Have a final round of vendor discussions. Separately engage each vendor and make them aware of your expectations in terms of price and service. As they sell themselves, pick on the differentiators.
  • Step 6: Make the final decision and pick one vendor that stands out from the rest and best suits your needs and expectations.

How to determine if a vendor is good

To determine if a vendor is a good fit for your business, consider the following factors.

  • Accountability-You will know that a vendor is right if they are ready to take responsibility for quality issues and willing to rectify them as soon as possible for the good of the business. Quality issues are bound to arise, but it makes a lot of difference if a vendor can admit to the same and improve.
  • Production capability- As a business owner, you are interested in vendors who can be relied on to meet your requirements at any given time. A good vendor has the required capacity to consistently supply ordered goods.
  • Ease of communication-A good vendor has no language and communication barriers. This is vital in maintaining a seamless flow of information between the entities, making it easy to work together.
  • Ethical compliance: Today, ethical sourcing is a trend that cannot be ignored. As such, ethical compliance is one of the best ways to determine if a vendor is suitable.
  • Regulatory compliance. A good vendor should also be able to comply with all the relevant regulations and standards.
  • Good vendors should also be great record keepers, show interest in continuous improvement, and have expertise in your product type and target audience.
  • Besides providing high-quality mink lashes, a competitive eyelash supplier should also be able to design eyelash packaging that tailored to your brand.

Decide Where to Sell

One of the most important questions one has to ask when wondering how to start lashes business concerns where to sell. Whether you decide on a physical store or online channels, where you sell your products should be informed by your target audience’s behavioral patterns. It is vital to use the channels that will reach them faster and conveniently. Most eyelash customers and experiential shoppers and like experiment with different features when purchasing their desired products.

Build a website

When starting an eyelash business, it is vital to set up a business to boost your brand’s credibility. A website is one of the best ways to create a great first impression among your target audience. Most people will question the legitimacy of businesses that do not have a website and associate them with low-quality products and under par service provision.

Even as you set up your business, be sure to make it user-friendly, easy to navigate, and understand. The goal is to keep customers who land on your website engaged, excited, and satisfied with what they find. That way, you end up with more leads, conversion, and increased sales. It makes no difference if you have a poorly designed website. Most customers will visit such a website and leave frustrated without making purchases. When designing a website, keep in mind that some people (if not most) access the internet through their phones. It is crucial to engage a web developer who can make it compatible with such devices. We created this blog about the best eyelash website to inspire you.

Some of the platforms you can integrate into your website include ShopifyBigCommerce, and Wix, as most developers can easily integrate plugins and payment processing. Create products on the e-commerce site and add them to your existing website. To create accounts on such platforms and integrate with your website, you have to buy a business domain name. Business domains can be bought from Godaddy.

Online E-commerce platforms

Today, platforms like Amazon and E-bay offer businesses an opportunity to sell their products to customers conveniently. When they visit such platforms, they can view your eyelash products, review their specifications, and make instant purchases. Through such platforms, you can expand your product offerings faster and take advantage of niche markets. It is also a fast go-to-market strategy that requires relatively low costs.

In setting up an online e-commerce page, add products, incorporate payment methods, and spell out the shipping procedure.

Physical store

When you are starting your eyelash business, it may help get a physical store from which you can build and grow your online outlets. Even though online shopping has become the trend today, research shows that many consumers still prefer to make store visits to sample products, familiarize themselves, and make purchases. Besides, a physical store is an excellent way to have your brand in the street for anyone to see. Those who do not prefer shopping online can still find you at the physical store. At the initial stage, building a store may be too costly. If you do not have enough capital for them, you can consider renting a place to set up your lash business.

Create Your Business Name

How you decide to name your business will determine the first impression that you create on your customers. It is the way people will identify your brand. Having the right business name will not only make you make memorable among customers but also get the attention of potential investors.

As a starting business, you can communicate your strategy through the name that you choose. As an eyelash business, you want to choose a name that will reflect the value you want to offer to consumers, e.g., luxury and sleekness.

It would be best if you also considered choosing a sticky name that can quickly grab the media and the public’s attention. Consider a name that is distinctive that when readers come across, they cannot easily forget. An appropriate business name should achieve the following;

  • Create identity-Should be able to identify your business by its nature and product type.
  • Memorability – Avoid complicated names that can easily be forgotten. When your business name is memorable, it will be easy to spread through word of mouth.
  • Bear a motivational factor – As a founder, find a name that reflects your passion, taste, and business nature. As people see your brand name, they are motivated by the passion and taste behind it.

5 Things to Avoid When Naming Your Business

  1. Involving the committee in naming your business
  2. The ‘train wreck’ method of picking an adjective, shortening it, and joining a noun.
  3. The use of plain words. They will never stand out.
  4. Cliché names (adjective related to the top position. They are overworked.
  5. Obscure names. Customers will struggle with their meanings.

Set Up Business Email

Setting up an email account should be among the first things you do once the business name is ready. Your personal email address is not supposed to be used for business use. Some people can judge the credibility of your business. Just as a website is vital in reinforcing a business’s credibility, so is a business email.

A business email is important because as you interact with different partners and presenting your card, they can use the same to contact you. Also, one of the most effective ways to market your eyelash business is through email marketing. As a brand, it is best to send emails using your official legit email account. It is not only professional to do so but also works best to build your brand’s credibility.

Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Email Address

  • To maintain a positive brand image
  • To create a link to your website
  • To avoid being marked as spam
  • To enable team collaboration through solutions such as office365.
  • To promote brand awareness

Create A Bank Account

Once you have a brand name and a business name, it is crucial to create a bank account. It is the bank account that you will use to make and receive payments. For easy tracking and purposes of record-keeping, the use of bank accounts is preferred over cash payments. A bank account also makes your business look credible.

In setting up the account in your brand name, your business registration number must be included. There are different account types and options available to small businesses. Be sure to talk to your bank’s executives for advice on the account that best suits your eyelash business.

Price Setting

One of the most important things to know and consider before setting your product prices is your customers’ expectations and the prevailing market prices. For the same reason, it is crucial to conduct an initial market study to gain essential insights that determine the decisions you make for your lashes business. How you price your products will make or break the business for you. If you get it wrong in pricing, you are bound to run into challenges along the way. Follow this guide to set prices that meet your business goals.

  1. Cover the costs involved: Set prices that cover the costs of things like materials used, labor costs, and overhead costs. If you do not cover the costs, you will not be able to make any profits.
  2. Take the market and competitor’s prices into consideration: It is crucial to base your prices on your competition and the market prices. Do not set prices that will scare away potential clients. At the same time, it is not a must to stick to the market prices. Each business comes with its value proposition. If you bring that extra touch that is missing in your competitor’s offerings, do not shy away from setting relatively higher prices.
  3. Make use of the dynamic pricing strategy: The beauty industry is quite competitive and affected by several factors. As such, the most effective pricing strategy is the dynamic strategy that takes into account several factors such as demand, competition, and season. With the advancements in place, some solutions can automatically analyze and recommend prices based on their parameters. The dynamic pricing is the best strategy as it handles everything on its own why letting you focus on other aspects of the business.

Start an Eyelash Business Offline

Budgeting & Finance

The first step to opening a lash business is deciding a budget. Depending upon your location, you can start a lash business from as low as $2,000. You can always spend more if you have the money.

The important thing is to have a budget in mind right at the beginning. Without a specified budget, you may end up spending several hundred or thousand dollars more than what you had originally expected.

The budget should be determined after considering the size of the establishment you want to own, the services you want to offer, and the location.

Once you have defined a budget, make a list of all the expenses you may likely incur. Ideally, you will be spending on:

  • Lease rental
  • Studio designing – interiors, constructing a toilet, glass doors, and lash station
  • Licensing costs
  • Supplies – eyelash kits, lash extensions, eyelash sitting unit, etc.
  • Computer system and software
  • Signage
  • Insurance
  • Refrigerator and water cooler
  • Any other expenses

In addition to the above costs, you should also make a list of overhead expenses like electricity, refreshments, etc. Preparing a list will give you an exact idea of how much and where you will be spending the money.

Those with a small budget should avoid spending a lot on the interiors. A simple and elegant decor will be enough to make your studio look professional.

After setting the budget you have to think of a way to raise the capital. If you are starting a sole proprietorship business and have saved enough money, you could self-finance your lash business. If you have a partner(s), then you could raise capital from them.

Another great way to raise capital is to apply for a loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA is a government agency that connects borrowers with lenders. You can get full details here.

Irrespective of the business model you have in place and the way you raise capital, make sure to get all the documents checked by your accountant. This will prevent you from unforeseen liabilities in the future.

Store Location

You can consider setting up a salon at a storefront location as it gives better visibility to your studio. However, it can be expensive. Another great option is setting up the lash studio at a shopping mall or a strip mall. These places already have a huge footfall of shoppers that could translate into clients for your lash business.

If you already have an existing client base, you may open a lash studio in a commercial office building. This will be more economical than renting a space in a mall.

You can even offer lash services from your home. It will save money as you do not have to pay overheads like rent. However, based on your location, there might be restrictions on providing professional services from a home not located in a commercial location. Check your local laws to find out the details. Another important thing to keep in mind is that customers tend to pay less for in-home lash studios.

A lash application station can also be set up inside an existing salon that does not offer eyelash extensions. You could work out an arrangement with the salon owner to offer your services. This will benefit the salon owner as they can provide more services to their clients. It will also advantage you as you will get access to the clients of the salon. You also don’t have to spend a lot on setting up your studio.

Regarding the size of the store, you should determine how many lash stations you want. If you will be the only lash artist then you can start with a smaller space but if you have plans to have more lash artists, then you can look for a bigger space.

Some important things to consider when deciding the location-

  • Rent – should fit your budget
  • Parking space – the location should have a nearby parking space for customers driving to your lash studio.
  • Toilet – a mall will have a toilet but for a standalone lash studio, there should be enough space to construct a toilet.
  • Environment – applying lash extensions can take hours and requires focus. A calm and quiet environment is necessary to offer the best experience to customers. Avoid locations nearby to a club or busy streets. The loud noise can be a distraction to both you and your clients.

Design and Ambiance

Keep your studio design simple and neat. You do not need the very fancy-looking decor to attract customers. But if you have the money you can always spend the amount you want to.

For lash businesses located at a shopping mall or strip mall, focus on making your front section appealing. You can do this by installing glass doors/walls and beautiful signage. The color of the logo, signage, walls, and decor inside your studio should be synchronized. All these will help in making your lash studio look professional.

You should also invest in creating a soothing ambiance inside your studio. It can be done by installing dim lighting, a music system, and natural decorations. If you go for dim lighting, make sure to have beautician lamps to aid you in applying for lash extensions on customers.

There should also be a perfumer diffuser inside your studio. These things will help in giving a wonderful experience to your clients. Something that will make them come back to your lash studio!

Obtaining Necessary Licenses

To operate a lash studio, you generally need the following licenses/policies-

  • Cosmetologist/Esthetician Establishment License
  • Business License
  • Reseller License
  • Insurance

The cosmetology/esthetician license is obtained from the state board of cosmetology. It authorizes you to apply for lash extensions to customers at your salon or studio.

Depending upon state laws, you may need to have a cosmetologist or esthetician license to apply for an establishment license. It is different from a course completion certificate. The course completion certificate does not authorize you to apply for lash extensions and is just a recognition of your participation in the course. You can read our guide on eyelash licensing requirements for each state to know everything.

A business license is issued by your state. It allows you to run a business in the city and pay taxes for the services you offer. The laws relating to business licenses are also different for different states. You should research your local state laws to know the requirements before applying.

If you plan on retailing eyelash extensions and supplies (which we recommend) then you may need another license – reseller license. The cost and criteria for this also vary between states.

Salon insurance is a must for lash businesses. Since you are dealing with a sensitive part of the client’s body, the client can sue you for unprecedented accidents that may occur during the lash application. Insurance will help to cover the damages if any that may arise in the future.

If you still haven’t completed an eyelash training course, check this guide on the 12 best online eyelash training classes for 2021.

Sourcing Eyelash Supplies

Now that you have the location, design, and license ready it’s time to order your supplies. You will need

  • Different types of lashes – Mink, Synthetic lashes, 2D-10D, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Eyelash Glues and Gel
  • Eyelash Cleansers
  • Surgical Tape

There are several other things that you will need. We recommend you order a professional eyelash extension kit from a trusted vendor. A kit includes everything that you need to apply for lash extensions to customers. It saves you the effort of buying all the supplies individually.

You can order eyelash supplies from Key Lashes. We offer premium quality lash supplies at wholesale prices. This lets you offer better quality products to your clients and also save money.

Key Lashes can also help you with a private label. This will allow you to retail eyelash supplies at your store, using your personalized branding. Private labels are a great way to earn that extra revenue by selling eyelash products to your clients.

Determine Eyelash Services You Will Offer

There are many types of eyelash extension services that you can offer-

  • Strip lashes
  • Flare lashes
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Eyelash tinting

Strip lashes are the most basic form of lash application. They are cheaper and easy to install. Flare lashes are another type that lasts longer than strip lashes and gives a more dramatic look. You can make more money by installing flare lashes.

Eyelash extensions are the most trendy and longest-lasting lash application. They are applied one at a time, which allows you to offer a more customized and natural look to your customers’ eyelashes. This process also takes longer than strip or flare lashes. You can earn anywhere between $50 to $350 by applying for eyelash extensions.

You can also offer eyelash tinting services. It is a process of dyeing the natural eyelashes of your clients.

Based on your experience or preference, you can offer some or all of the above services. You may like to start by offering all of these services to see which services have the most demand in your area. Once you have a strong clientele, you can focus on offering services that earn you well.

Pricing Your Services

Pricing your services can be tricky. While your goal will be to maximize your earnings, you cannot price your services significantly higher than lash salons in your area. The price should be just reasonable and also cover your costs.

The first thing that you should do is determine your costs. Evaluate how much glue, gel, and other supplies will be required to apply for lash extensions.

For example, if one bottle of glue lasts for 40 lash applications, dividing the cost of one bottle of glue by 40 will give you the average cost of glue for each application. Do the same for other supplies—next, factor in your overhead expenses like electricity, lease rent, insurance, advertising and others.

The second thing is to survey and identify the prices for similar lash application services in your area. You can do this by researching on Groupon, visiting websites, or calling nearby lash salons. This will help you get an idea of the prices in your area. The third thing is to identify your client profile. If your clients comprise high-class people, then you can set higher prices, but if they are in the middle-income group, the prices should be lower.

The fourth and last thing is to set a monthly income goal. Once you have all these details, you can work out pricing for the different services you will offer.

Whatever price you set, make sure it is not too high or too low. At the same time, be confident of the prices.

Marketing Your Services

Marketing is crucial to growing your lash business. Marketing will help make people aware of your business. A specified amount should be set aside every month for promoting your lash business on different mediums – magazines, social media, and brochures.

Having a website can also be beneficial as it will increase the chances of customers finding you. You can optimize your website to attract local customers. A website is also live 24×7, which allows customers to make bookings any time of the day.

You can upload blogs or send newsletters to customers to keep them updated about your services or offers. You can take the help of freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer to build a website at a low budget. A website will give a professional touch to your business.

A well-planned marketing strategy will let you generate immediate sales. You can refer to our Eyelash Marketing Guide to know everything on how to promote your lash business.

Note: Keep the promotional content consistent across all the platforms. This will help clients to easily recognize your brand.

Opening Your Salon

Once you are through steps 1 to 8, it’s time for the GRAND OPENING. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors for the opening of your lash studio. This will help to spread the word about your new business.

You can also run special discounts and offers during the opening weekend to attract customers.

Don’t miss an opportunity to give a warm welcome to walk-in customers. Talk to them about your services and tell them why you are better than others!


Great! Your store is finally opened, and customers are pouring in.

So what is the next thing to do?

Give exceptional quality services to your customers!

This is the only thing that can make you stand ahead of your competition. You can do this by ensuring the client’s time is utilized wisely. An appointment booking software can also be put in place to automate the process. Always keep the clients informed about changes in your schedule. These steps will prevent your clients from waiting for their turn.

The premises must also be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Nobody would like to sit for hours at a place that is unhealthy and unhygienic.

Treat your clients like your family and friends. Many stores offer great services, but clients also look for the best experience. A friendly attitude towards clients can help you achieve this.

These small steps will surely make a huge contribution in helping you get that 6 figure income from your lash business.

Market and Grow Your Eyelash Business

Effective marketing is one sure way of growing your business. It is crucial to use various strategies to reach a wider audience, create brand awareness, attract prospective customers, and maintain them.

It is through marketing that you inform customers about your products and service offerings. They will understand the value they stand to gain from your products and any additional information they need to know as customers. Here are some methods and strategies on how to market your eyelash business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing –These are strategies meant to improve a website’s visibility to get more traffic through organic search results on search engines. As you leverage SEO, you will get more traffic, leads, and sales.

Email Marketing – Email marketing involves the process of sending out timely emails to prospective and existing clients and establishing relationships with them. An effective email marketing strategy should convert potential customers into existing customers and first-time buyers to repeat buyers.

Video Marketing – Videos work well with beauty products such as eyelashes. You can create makeup tutorials or how-to-do videos and post them on YouTube channels. The videos can also be shared on the website on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc.

Local Marketing – This is the most effective way to reach customers close to your business e.g., in a city or neighborhood. Some such strategies include promotions featuring local celebrities, local sourcing of products, human resources, community involvement, and branding.

Social Marketing – To reach a wider audience, especially the tech-savvy customers, create social media accounts on different platforms and engage your audience through content. It is essential to monitor their reactions and comments on your posts to get insights into what they love and don’t, any concerns they have, and changes they would love to see. The insights can be used as a basis for continuous quality improvement.

By following this guide, you will be able to set up a schedule for your own lash business. As discussed, you must have the right vendors, a proper business name, a strategic place to sell (online, physical store, e-commerce platform), and set up a business bank account. It is crucial to have a professional business email. Be sure to use the dynamic pricing strategy to arrive at the best suitable price for your lashes. Lastly, employ different strategies to market and grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of ranking online content to appear top among organic listings on a search engine. There are four types of SEO, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and keywords. While on-page SEO is concerned with strategies to optimize a page on a website, off-page SEO includes strategies to build a website’s reputation through other websites. Technical SEO, on the other hand, consists of the technical elements (such as mobile-friendliness, indexing, site speed crawlability, etc.) of a website that are used by brands to improve a website’s readability and boost user experience.

A well-done SEO will ensure that your online content appears as a top result among other contents of the same topic when searched by a specific keyword. SEO is used as a strategy to improve your eyelash website’s ranking and visibility. It is done by incorporating particular eyelash-related keywords and phrases commonly used by a target audience on a search engine when looking for products and services.

SEO is a crucial business strategy that should be done at the start of your online eyelash business.

First, it helps to build your brand through the content that you post for customers’ consumption. For the same reason, it is critical to creating content that speaks well about your brand and appeals to your target audience.

Secondly, optimization will increase a website’s rankings and, as a result, attract more traffic. Each brand hopes to have traffic and convert them to customers and leads.

Thirdly, SEO is a crucial tool to make your target audience find your website, view products/services, and make purchases.

SEO is also necessary as a strategy to boost the credibility and authority of your eyelash website, especially if the efforts are combined with content marketing. Through SEO, your brands can stay ahead of your competitors through superior rankings.

It is the process of creating and sharing content on the internet through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and YouTube, as a way of marketing your eyelash brand. Through social media platforms, your brand will connect with the audience, drive traffic to your website, convert them to customers, and increase your sales.

Research also shows that brands that have an online presence on different social media platforms have stronger reputations and can appeal emotionally to customers. Engaging your customers on social media not only makes them feel valued and appreciated but also works to boost trust and encourage longer-lasting relationships. The result is a loyal, repeat customer.

Before jotting a social marketing strategy, it is vital to conduct a media scan, find out your competitors’ activities on the various platforms. Be sure to note what things they post, how they post them, and how they engage with the audience. Most importantly, it is vital to identify any gaps and leverage them to stay ahead of your competitors in social marketing.

To make your social marketing successful, focus on five core areas including;

  • Strategy-Define your goals and establish what you want to achieve, i.e., brand awareness, increase traffic, or generate engagement around your products and services and brand. Also, identify the social media platforms you wish to engage your audience and the type of content you will be publishing.
  • Planning and Publishing– Plan accordingly on how you will be publishing, i.e., through images, videos, or blog posts. Ensure the content you publish for you audience’s consumption is not offensive or biased.
  • Listening and Engagement-On your posts, listen to what people will comment on and engage them appropriately. Pick on any gaps or issues raised by your customers and assure them of your commitment to their needs. Take critics positively and build on them to make your rand more reputable.
  • Analytics and Reporting– There is a need to gauge the performance of your strategy. How many positive mentions did you have? How many leads? Is your audience engaging more? Depending on your analysis, adjust your social marketing accordingly.
  • Advertising– Lastly, you can consider growing your marketing efforts through social media ads. This will allow you to reach a wider audience and earn more following for your brand.

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves sending targeted emails to potential customers. The main purpose of using this form of marketing is to convert prospective clients into customers and one-time customers to repeat buyers.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to communicate directly to potential customers and nurtures leads. Its purpose is to promote your brand’s products and services while at the same time establishing possible long-lasting business relations with potential customers. To have an effective email marketing strategy, ensure the following;

  • Build Your List of Potential Customers– One of the best ways to build your email list is to collect all your store visitors’ emails. You can also use some platforms that aid in the collection of emails from leads.
  • Follow the law/Get Permission-It is vital to seek their permission from individuals before including them in your email list. This can be done by asking leads if they would wish to subscribe to newsletters or available offers, sales, and promotions at any given time.
  • Deliver Great Content-From the onset, set the expectations right through a strong initial follow up email, and ensure consistency in the subsequent emails. If you promise to deliver content weekly, follow the same schedule.
  • Vary Your Messages-To keep your prospective clients engaged, vary the content of the emails you send to them. Do not just send ads. It is crucial to build a rapport with them by incorporating some valuable insights for them
  • Optimize for Mobile-Most people today spend a lot of time on their mobile devices. Optimizing for mobile will ensure your content reaches more people in your email list. Ensure that your email can be displayed appropriately, even on mobile devices.

A business listing involves the online recording of a brand’s information (business name, address, and contacts) on platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Booksy, and others. The purpose of your online eyelash business listing is to ensure that customers looking for your brand can readily find you online, learn more contact, and learn more about your products.

Google My Business Account is one such platform where you can include information about your brand.

Yahoo Local also exists as an online business listing platform for brands looking to meet customers’ needs and increase leads.

Yelp is a review site that also has provisions for a business listing.

Booksy is an online appointment and schedule management app for health and beauty service providers which is one of the best apps for your small eyelash extension business.

In a local search ecosystem, business listings will help your page to appear as soon as potential clients search your brand on a search engine. Here is how to set up a local business listing.

  • Include your business name/title, telephone number, address, description, categories, website URL, tagline, images, social profiles, certifications, fax number, associated brands, and payment methods.
  • Ensure that information included in your business listing profile accurately represents how your brand is recognized in the real world, e.g., through signage and other aspects of branding (vision, mission, tagline, etc.)
  • Ensure the precision and accuracy of information such as address and service area.
  • Choose to include the fewest number of categories that best represent your business offerings.
  • Be sure to maintain only one profile per business.
  • Always ensure you read the policies of the different business listing profiles to ensure that you comply with the same and avoid prohibited content.

It involves using videos to promote/market your brand (products and services), reach your existing and potential customers, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.

With the advent of social media, videos have become even more important as a medium for sharing information across platforms. Across various content types, videos are most preferred by customers, as they are more engaging and exciting to watch.

Because videos are heavier than other types of content, they are best shared through YouTube and TikTok. As an online business, it is crucial to create a YouTube channel and a TikTok account where customers can visit and view videos about your brand. You can share the video links on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to generate more leads and ensure a broader reach of your target audience.

For eyelash marketing, you can create and share tutorial videos demonstrating how to wear eyelashes and care for eyelash extensions. Such videos will not only drive traffic and attract people to your products, but also encourage loyalty among repeat customers.

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement/mentions from specific people, organizations, or experts with a perceived level of knowledge or social influence on people. They do so through their social media platforms to create more brand awareness and increase such brands’ visibility.

Today,  brands utilize influencers to promote their products and services and strengthen their brand reputation. As a small business, your eyelash brand is possible to use influencer marketing to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness within your resource limitations.

  • First, identify and list all the influencers in your industry.
  • Secondly, find those who align with what your brand stands for.
  • Reach out and connect with your prospect lists and make known your intent.
  • Together, work with the selected influencers on the content that they will be promoting and sharing on their respective social media accounts.

Statistics show that micro-influencers are the best marketing avenue for small businesses. They are affordable and have more influence on the locals. Even though they have relatively smaller audiences, they have more engagement and targeted following.

As opposed to traditional advertising methods, referral marketing encourages passionate and loyal customers to use word of mouth (recommend) to spread the desirable attributes about a brand’s products and services directly to their networks.

Brand-related conversations are common among people, especially within social circles, when individuals share their experiences with specific brands and what they like about their products. Here are some ways to do referral marketing

  • One of the referral marketing strategies is to ask for referrals from customers.
  • You can also use employee training to equip workers with the knowledge to invite customers to available referral programs effectively.
  • It is also possible to partners with complementary companies to cross-promote each other to customers. For instance, an eyelash business can partner with eyeliner business.

While in-house programs and emails work well to increase referrals, the most effective way to increase referrals is to use systems that automatically enroll, track, manage, and reward successful ambassadors.

Before developing a referral program, it is crucial to conduct market research to establish what your existing customers want, and the specific incentives (e.g., free products, discounts, bill credits, or add-on services) that would motivate them to engage in such programs. Without proper incentives, existing customers will not be interested in participating.

Map listing is essential to ensure that you are found by prospective clients when they do a local search. The majority of such potential customers will be disinterested in brands that they do not find on maps. The purpose of map listing is to increase your search rankings, visibility, and improve your business by generating leads. It is crucial to optimize your brand’s profile to increase their chances of showing up on Google Maps.

Google Maps are very instrumental when it comes to generating leads. Statistics show that local product searches make up to close to 76% of local Google searches. On Google Maps, a listing is done by creating the Google My Business (GMB) as above-discussed, including all information about your eyelash business (title, address, contacts, description). By so doing, Google Maps will automatically pick on your location and list your brand on the listings.

On Apple Maps, you have to visit Apple Maps Connect, followed by creating a new Apple ID account. After that, follow the ‘Small Business’ prompt on the page and proceed to “Add My Business” (entering all the required information about your business. Finish the set-up by clicking and agreeing to the “Terms of Use.”

Running ads on various channels is an important marketing strategy that creates brand awareness, captures the target audience’s attention, and increases sales. Ads can be run on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, among others.

By running ads on various channels, you make your products and services visible, enhancing opportunities for sales and referrals. Ads are also an effective way that brands use to launch new products in the market.

With Google Ads, results can be instant, especially in terms of driving traffic. Also, they are easy to create and help achieve superior rankings in search results. With Google ads, it is possible to test new ideas and improve.

In terms of pros, Google Ads are relatively expensive, as you have to pay for every click on your website. With a small budget, the ads stop. Also, the adverts have limitations.

Facebook Ads are more targeted and provide a wider reach. It also has more options for marketers looking to include a range of content. However, the costs of advertising on Facebook can be high. Additionally, the ads are only seen by Facebook users and have less organic reach.

Instagram Ads provide an opportunity for your brands to connect with a younger and energetic audience. Also, through the platform, Your lashes can format their ads in unique formats. On the flip side, it can also be time-consuming to create ads on the platform.

Some Amazing Eyelash Websites to Inspire You

As an eyelashes brand owner, you must understand what goes into creating an interactive website design. To narrow it down for you, we looked at some of the best lash extension websites and discovered the following things:

● They display a clear description of their eyelash business

● Their websites are visually appealing and easy to navigate

● They try to convey a story through their home page

● Make use of customer-generated content like reviews and Instagram plug-ins

● Use multiple images of a product to give a deeper insight into the design

● They aim to sell the experience and not the product

● Use transitions and videos to enhance the look of products

Let’s take a look at these eyelash websites and see how they are killing it with their design.


Ardell is one of the global leaders in the eyelash business with 50 years of experience and 200+ styles of eyelashes. Their homepage displays a catchy image displaying exciting offers without pushing too much. To create a powerful impression its homepage uses close-up images of models wearing their eyelashes.

They have used catchy lines of 2-3 words like “ALL TREATS, NO TRICKS,” for different categories of products. This helps to grab the attention of visitors.

Each product page displays multiple high-quality images that include an image of the premium eyelash packaging boxes in which all their products ship. There is an option to write reviews as well.

There is also a How To-Dos section to add more value.

Velour Beauty

Velour makes 100% hand-made lashes that are lightweight and can be used for more than 25+ applications. Their Black and White website design gives an elegant and rich feel. The use of white text on high-resolution backgrounds impeccably conveys information about their products and services. There are very few products on the landing page which ensures it doesn’t seem like overselling.

All the product pages have:

● Story-style product descriptions

● Before and after look images

● Video of models applying the product

● Customer reviews

Lotus Lashes

Lotus Lashes provides high-quality luxurious lashes at a lucrative price option to their customers. The homepage displays information about active offers on the top. The homepage has images of models in different poses, set on a black backdrop with sparkling golden stars. It perfectly resonates with the glowing appearance that its Lashes are designed to provide.

Each product page mentions the important features in bullets and displays the exact measurements of the product.

Lilly Lashes

Lilly Lashes is the most preferred eyelash brand for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Cardi B. It uses a black, white, and golden color palette to provide an intuitive experience on the website. They are also show off their superior packaging lash boxes on their website.

Lilly Lashes uses a black, white, and golden color palette to provide an intuitive experience. It also displays the superior packaging lash box they use for their products.

The website has a quiz called “Find My Lash” that helps visitors to find out the best eyelash for them by entering some generic answers. It adds a lot of value to the website.

The Blogs and Tutorials for the customers are a great resource. To convey the popularity of its products, there is a “Social Influencers” page where they display information about social influencers wearing their eyelashes.


Esqido is a luxurious lash brand that is trusted by Hollywood makeup artists, beauty professionals, and A-list celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid

Its homepage uses a baby pink matte background color on the homepage. The images of premium eyelash packaging boxes add another layer of exuberance. It has an uncomplicated look with easy-to-navigate functionality. The images on the homepage zoom-in and zoom-out to create an immersive experience.

All product pages display multiple high-quality images of the product and closeup of models wearing them. The website also has a blog section.

House of Lashes

House of Lashes stands apart for offering premium eyelashes at affordable prices. This is a website that does perfect justice to its eyelash business name. Just like a house, everything on their website is well-organized. At the top of their homepage, they have menu options to take customers to different sections like:

– Shop

– Eye Shape Guide

– Sale

– Storie, etc.

What this does is, keeps the viewers hooked to the website even if they are not there to shop. To make it more interesting it also displays names of popular magazines in which they have been featured.


Glamnetic has reinvented the eyelashes product portfolio with its easy-to-wear magnetic lashes and liners that can be worn by women of all age groups. Its website uses vivid colors paired with animated content to highlight its product offerings. Quirky images set against a white background add to the spark.

On the homepage, they use videos to display a simple visual guide on how to style yourself with an eyelash. Support for Live Chat also adds to the user experience.

Sugar Lash Pro

Sugar Lash Pro is a brand that offers luxury lash supplies and advanced lash training. Big and bold white texts have been used on the homepage. It has been set against a zoomed-in background of an eye that gives an intimate feel. Black menu backgrounds with white text make it easy for visitors to browse the website.

Each product page has a single image of the product featured in its unique packaging. The best part about their product pages is that customers can uploads pictures while writing reviews. The images are displayed as small thumbnails that give an authentic experience to viewers.

For the training sections, it displays information about each educator with their black and white image.

Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes is the world’s most trusted name in semi-permanent eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions compatible skincare and cosmetics. They offer the best eyelash training experience by providing courses to individuals of all skill levels. To engage with different audiences they have a separate Professional and Consumer Menu. To extend a premium look it uses a grid-style layout for different categories.

Product pages display a spectrum of information regarding material, shelf life, care instructions, and directions to use. The use of a white background and black font color is just perfect.

Bella Lash

Bella Lash is a leading lash brand in Utah Valley that caters to all the segments of the industry – products, training, and education. Its website gives out copious and admiring vibes with its poised design. It uses large-sized images to visually communicate about the products. A quick search bar on the top right allows customers to browse for what they want.

There is a new product section on the bottom which helps customers to keep a tab on their latest arrivals. Red and black buttons are displayed when a customer hovers over the image. This encourages visitors to take immediate action.

Amazing Lash Studio

Amazing Lash Studio is a Lash Salon that provides customers with eyelash extensions and services with the help of highly-trained professional artists. They are a Lash Studio that does not sell products on the website. Still, the simple red and white appearance of the website succeeds in getting the attention of viewers.

The red text talks directly to customers. Within a few sentences, they help customers get an idea about the experience they can get at their studios.

There is a studio locator on the top right corner that helps to locate the nearest studio.

The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge is one of the leading Lash Salons in the US that helps customers achieve their style goals through an extensive network of 106 Salons and 550 Stylists. The website has a grape and white color theme that gives a refined look. It displays high-resolution candid pictures of models and happy customers on the homepage. This echoes the experience of wearing their products.

The most appealing part of their homepage is visual storytelling. With just three intricate slides, they aim to make the customers understand what they can encounter after walking into their stores. An Instagram feed at the bottom adds to the flare.

What do We Learn?

The best eyelash websites let people know who they are and what they do right away. They use high-quality photos and videos to transmit the feel of wearing eyelashes. Most eyelash websites display a closeup of models wearing their eyelashes. It beautifully succeeds in giving an intimate experience. The use of a beautiful color palette and intuitive website layout helps to make things more thrilling. The color scheme of the website is synchronized with the brand’s logo to further elevate visibility.

As a brand owner, your aim should be more than just selling your products or services through the website. Adding valuable content like high-resolution pictures, blogs and videos can enhance your website’s presence in your niche.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Appendix – About Eyelash Business Name Ideas

The brand name is focused on the product and services that a company offers. Using words like ‘Lash’, ‘Eyelash’, ‘Eye’ and ‘Brow’ in your brand name will help consumers understand what products your brand stands for.

  1. Core Lashes
  2. High Eye Lashes
  3. Blink Labs
  4. Little Eye Lashes
  5. Lash Ground
  6. Lash Care
  7. Lash Will
  8. She Lashes
  9. Lash Most
  10. Tetra Lashes
  11. Fourth Eye Lashes
  12. Enlightened Lashes
  13. Youthful Eyelashes
  14. Solid Eye Lashes
  15. Fair Eye Lashes
  16. Eye Lustrous
  17. Eye Studied
  18. Lashes Dusk
  19. Lashes Delicacy
  20. Lashvio
  21. Lashes Active
  22. Lashes Esteem
  23. Lashes Storm
  24. Eye Beckon
  25. Lashes Naked
  26. Lash Lada
  27. Lashes Panther
  28. Approach Lashes
  29. Valiant Lashes
  30. Rely Lashes
  31. Spellbound Lashes
  32. Intrinsic Eyelashes
  33. Lash Nest
  34. Breed brows
  35. Brigade Lashes
  36. Breed Brows
  37. Space Brows
  38. Galore Eyelashes
  39. Sharp Eyelashes
  40. Sheer Eyelashes
  41. Lashry
  42. Paragon Lash Extensions

Best name ideas for your company

The company name should encapsulate all the product offerings that your organization is going to offer. The company name should establish a strong relationship with the diverse product portfolio you have.

  1. Lash Grande
  2. The Lash Direct
  3. Connected Lashes
  4. Eye 4 Win
  5. EyeCon
  6. Lashes Kitty
  7. Lashes Faith
  8. Eye madam
  9. Lashes Darling
  10. Brows Salt
  11. Brows Corporation
  12. Eye Accelerate
  13. Eye Flawless
  14. Eye Carnations
  15. Eye Autumn
  16. Eyeaholic
  17. Eyelashes For You
  18. Eyelash Business
  19. Collective
  20. Crew
  21. Creations
  22. Stamp Brows
  23. Wings Brows
  24. Marine Lashes
  25. Switch Brows
  26. Cleanse Lashes
  27. Lashadora
  28. Stunner Lashes
  29. Factory Lashes
  30. Prosper Lashes
  31. Planned Brows
  32. The Lash Dollar
  33. Liquid Lashes
  34. Grind brows
  35. Achieve Lashes
  36. Geek Brows
  37. Lash lance
  38. Lashadil
  39. Launch Lashes

Best name ideas for studios and salons

An eyelash studio is where people come to style themselves. So you should have an innovative and catchy name. You can use nouns and adjectives to create a thoughtful name.

  1. Brows Smush
  2. Lashes beach
  3. Brows Rank
  4. Eye Studio 19
  5. EyeDesign Palace
  6. Eye Studio 101
  7. Studio EyeCon
  8. Salon Eyemark
  9. Brows Absolute
  10. Brow Lessons
  11. Brows Eternal
  12. Lashes Access
  13. Crew Lashes
  14. Action Lashes
  15. Ease Lashes
  16. Eye Studio Plus
  17. Enter Lash World
  18. Night Angel Makeup
  19. Stellar Eyelash Point
  20. Eyelash Boutique
  21. Ult Lashes
  22. Smooch Brows
  23. Timeout Brows
  24. Leaner Brow
  25. The Lashporium
  26. Prop Brow
  27. Extensions
  28. Lovely Eye Den
  29. Lashadora
  30. Ethereal Eye Point
  31. Conquer Eye Studio
  32. Enchanted Eye Bay
  33. Insight Lash
  34. Opulence Studio
  35. Cycle Lash Studio
  36. Velocity Lash Salon
  37. Right Lash House
  38. Blended Studio
  39. Harley Brows
  40. Lash Fitness Point
  41. Gorgeous Lash
  42. Hideout

Top 10 Eyelash Business Names to get inspired by

Everyone needs a little inspiration. Checking out your competitors’ best business names can inspire you to come up with an even better on. Here are 10 of the catchiest names:

  1. Xtreme Lashes: The name is what the clients should expect to get. It is short, simple, but incredibly catchy. It gives you the impression that the business will go to any extremes to bring you the lashes of your dreams.
  2. Lily Lashes: Lily is the name of the owner and also gives a cute feel to the name.
  3. The Lush Lounge: It is quite an attractive name, don’t you agree? It makes you feel that they are the experts in beauty products or any professional advice. There is no denying how easy it is for this name to get clients flocking in from all corners.
  4. Lash out:  The name in itself appeals to the ladies to go all out on their lashes. There are no taking chances with this beauty product. Very catchy and creative.
  5. Allure lash lounge: It is a luring name for any lash and beauty lovers. It is hard not to get curious about their services and expert advice.
  6. The lash boutique: As simple as the name is, it is still appealing. You get the idea that you will certainly obtain all your favorite eyelashes here. And who wouldn’t like that?
  7. House of lashes: Like the boutique, it also grabs your attention. Anyone would want to live in a house of lashes—the perfect second heaven for any lady.
  8. Kiss my lash: That is a sexy name. And using this brand makes anyone feel sexy. It appeals to the emotional state of the clients but still reserving the imagination bit.
  9. Uptown girl: It is a lash studio name. You can tell who the target clients are and what to expect. The name is simple but fits the bill completely.

How to name your eyelash business

Sexy lash business names will go a long way to ensure that your brand is famous. That is the best branding strategy for any business. But it has to be recognized for all the right reasons. You, therefore, need to be extra careful with the name you pick when you start your lash business. That applies in naming your lash studio, company, or brand.

A catchy name that you can easily remember is strategic in flocking in more clients. Or to retain the ones you already have. To get the best titles that will make your marketing successful, you should follow these simple step-by-step procedures.

  • Competitor analysis

As a newbie in the lash business, you may have little or no idea of running this kind of business. And the naming may also be a challenge to you. You can begin by doing a thorough analysis of other companies that inspire you.

Check out their brands’ names and find out what they all have in common. Remember, it is easy to beat a competitor you know and understand their styles. Although copying is easy, try to come up with a better and more unique name from theirs.

  • Brainstorming

The best ideas are always somewhere in the back of your mind. You can bring them out through good old-fashioned brainstorming. In brainstorming a lash studio name, you need to know the kind of services you will offer. Is it going to be just a lash studio, or will you provide more services?

It would be best to determine who your target clients are, why they and the product you expect to appeal to them. Narrow down the aspect of your lash business that makes it special or unique. Is it the price? Are they better than your competitors?

From there, the rest is easy. The above questions guide you by crafting a name that appeals to your target clients’ emotional and financial states. A good example is a lash studio with the title, Young Rich Lash and Makeup Salon. It has the target audience and the services you are offering. Try it yourself. The names you come up with may amaze you.

  • Shortlist those raw ideas

Now that you have come up with different names, you must shortlist them to at least three more appealing ones. You can strike off the words that are less memorable, difficult to pronounce and spell. The names you keep have to be comfortable and memorable. That way, you have enough of the best choices to choose from before finalizing.

  • Get feedback

Now that you have the names you shortlisted and are comfortable with them, it’s time to find out how good they work. You can ask your target audience what they like about the name, how they would spell it, and what comes to their mind when they first hear it. The feedback is to help you know how relevant the word is to your business. And whether you intended it to sound like a brand name for your business.

  • Check its availability

Sometimes you may come up with unavailable names. That is why you should shortlist at least three words. Check the terms online to know if another company already uses it in your region. The name you come up with must be available for trademark registration.

  • Finalize the name

Now that you have the name that you can register with the trademark, finalize the name. Remember, the name has to be free from any legal consequences.

Top 5 Business Name Generators that you can use for your eyelash business

Although coming up with a name for your eyelash business isn’t impossible, it can still be challenging. Business name generators are available to make your work easier. These name generators also check the availability of the name. That way, you get a name that you can use and register. Here are five business name generators you can use to give you a push in the right direction.

Shopify’s Business Name Generator allows you to create a brand name within seconds. All you have to do is enter a search query and the tool will display up to 100 names. You can also reserve the business name on Shopify. However, it does not offer advanced filters to sort lash names by industry or provide information on domain availability.

Enter the keywords and you can get up to thousands lash business names. Business Name Generator also offers you the option of applying filters like the number of characters or words, rhyming and selecting the industry. You can also click on a business name to check if the domain is available.

With Webhosting Geeks you get the option to select the length of your domain and where to place the keywords – start, middle or end in the domain name. Clicking on the business names will also show if the business names are available to register as a Domain and on Twitter.

Freshbook offers an interactive tool to select a Company name. You first need to select your industry and enter a keyword. The tool will display a list of 3 business names that are closely related to your keyword. If you want more names, you can select the option ‘Show Me more names.’ The name ideas offered by Freshbooks look professional and can be used for your business. The only drawback is that you do not get information on the availability of a domain.

With Namelix you can use advanced filters like selecting the Name Style. Select rhyming words, real words, misspellings, etc. The filters are based on the idea behind naming the most valuable companies. Namelix also displays possible brand marks or logos that you can use for your company. So if you like their suggestions, you can also buy the brand mark for your business.

Final say

Well, there is no denying what a perfect name can do for your eyelash business. To scale the heights of success in a business, you should look for a relevant, appealing, short, and memorable name. But if you ever have any challenges crafting a proper name, use business name generators. Or you can contact us for a tailored name for your eyelash business.

Appendix – About Eyelash Extension Licensing in the USA

Do You Know That in The USA Eyelash Technicians Need a License to Provide Their Services?

Completing an eyelash training course and getting certified by your school does NOT provide you the eligibility to work as an eyelash technician. Offering any kind of eyelash extensions, cosmetic or esthetician services without holding a valid license is not allowed.

This may seem surprising but given the sensitive nature of eyelashes, this is necessary. It ensures only licensed professionals who have completed the required training from licensed schools can provide eyelash extension services to individuals.

The problem here is that in the USA, there is not a unified licensing authority and all states have different laws and procedures when it comes to eyelashes and the practice of cosmetology as a whole. Each state has a Board of Cosmetology that formulates rules and regulations and also grants licenses to individuals who want to start working as eyelash technicians or related professions.

We have done an extensive research to help you understand the requirements for obtaining the license, for each state:

  • The minimum age for license eligibility
  • Number of training hours needed
  • Educational qualification required

We have also included the link of each State’s Board of Cosmetology. We have also listed our recommendation for the best eyelash training course in every state.

Before we take a look at that, let’s understand a few important things:

What License Do I Need to Apply Eyelash Extensions?

The two common license types that allow you to apply eyelash extensions are:

  • Cosmetologist/Barber
  • Esthetician/Aesthetician

Few states like Texas, Minnesota and Kentucky have separate licenses for eyelash extensions.

Most states also offer a license type called Apprentice License. This license type allows you to perform eyelash extensions on individuals ONLY under the supervision of a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician.

Do I Need to Sit for an Exam?

You ideally need to sit for a written and practical examination. Once you clear both the exams with the minimum required marks, you will be granted your license.

Does Obtaining a License From One State Allow Me to Practice in Another State?

You have to obtain a separate license for each state where you want to practice. However, if you hold a valid license in one state then you do not have to sit for the examination in another state. You can simply get your license certified or transferred.

State-wise License Requirements.


Alabama is one of the few states that do not have any licensing requirements for lash technicians. However, you should get the required training from a reputed school to ensure you can offer quality services to your clients.

Phone(334) 242-1918
Licensing Website
Recommended Trainingunder evaluating


If you hold a current license from some other state, you can get a Temporary License in Alaska. You will be issued a Permanent License once you clear the written examination.

Education RequirementsProof of proficiency test
School Training350 hours
Application & Fee$150 for the application
$60 for the written examination
$180 initial license fee after passing the exam
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingStudios at Lux


Education RequirementCompleted high school and 16 years old
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1450 hours
Esthetician – 500 hours
Application and Fee$177 examination fee
$70 first-year license fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingThe Lash and Sugar Company


License RequirementsCosmetologist, Aesthetician or Barber License
Education RequirementsA minimum of 2 years in High School
School Training480 hours
Application & Fee$50 lifetime license fee
$50 license renewal fee
$60 written examination fee
$65 practical fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLittle Rock Day Spa


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHas completed 10th grade in a public school or equivalent
School Training600 hours
Application & Fee$50 initial license fee
$50 renewal fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingGlad Lash


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHas completed 10th grade in a public school or equivalent
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1500 hours
Esthetician – 600 hours
Application & Fee$28 application fee
$127 examination fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingThe Lash Professional


You need to obtain a Department of Public Health (DPH) license or a temporary permit (for individuals holding a valid license from another state).

Education RequirementsNot specified
School Training600 hours
Application & Fee$100 application fee
$100 renewal fee (every 2 years)
Phone(860) 509-7603
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingM Lash Beauty Studio


License RequirementsCosmetology License
Education RequirementsHas completed 10th grade
School Training600 hours
Application and Fee$128 initial license fee
Renewal fee as stated at the time of application
Phone(302) 744-4500
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLasting Looks

District of Columbia

License RequirementsCosmetologist, Esthetician, Medical License
Education RequirementsNot specified
School TrainingNot specified
Application and Fee$65 for application 
$110 for the license (valid for 2 years)
$110 for the renewal fee (for 2 years)
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLashBeePro


The State of Hawaii does not offer a separate Cosmetologist or Esthetician License. It includes the practice of any type of hairstyling under the Practice of Barbering, so you need to get a Barber License.

License RequirementsCosmetologist, Facial Specialist or Full Specialist License
Education RequirementsInitial HIV/AIDS Course Completion
School TrainingCosmetologist -1200 hours
Facial Specialist – 260 hours
Full Specialist – 500 hours
Application and Fee$15.75 exam fees
$50 license fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingPearl Lash Extensions


License RequirementsMaster Cosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHigh school diploma
School TrainingCosmetologist -1500 hours
Esthetician – 1000 hours
Application and Fee$30 for license application
$50 for renewal
EmailE-mail Form
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingSchool of Glamology


The State of Hawaii does not offer a separate Cosmetologist or Esthetician License. It includes the practice of any type of hairstyling under the Practice of Barbering, so you need to get a Barber License

Education RequirementsHigh school graduate
School Training1500 hours 
Application and Fee$20 application fee
Phone(808) 586-2694
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingKimono Lash


You need a Cosmetology or Esthetician License. They also have an association that is lobbying for a separate Eyelash License.

Education RequirementsCompleted 2 years of high school
Any other educational qualification approved by the state licensing board
School TrainingCosmetologists-1600 hours
Estheticians-600 hours
Application & Fee$25 license fee
$25 renewal fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingAveda Institute


License RequirementsCosmetologist, Esthetician
Education RequirementsHigh school graduate
School TrainingNot specified
Application & Fee$30 for the license
$30 renewal fee every year
Phone(888) 473-4858
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingThrive Skin and Laser Institute


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsGeneral Education Diploma (GED)
School TrainingNot specified 
Application & Fee$40 for the application fee
Phone(317) 234-3031
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingStill Evaluating


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician license
Education RequirementsHigh school diploma
Proof of Cosmetology training from a licensed school
School TrainingCosmetologist – 2100 hours
Estheticians –  600 hours 
Application & Fee$60 application fee
$60 renewal fee every 2 years
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingIowa Ibrow Ilash Academy


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician license
Education RequirementsHigh school graduate
School Training1000 hours 
Application & Fee$60 application fee
$60 renewal fee every 2 years
Phone(785) 296-3155
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingStyle and Face Studios


License RequirementsCosmetologist, Esthetician License or Eyelash Artistry Technician Permit
Education Requirements12th Grade
School TrainingCosmetologists-1500 hours
Estheticians-750 hours
Application & Fee$50 permit fee
$50 restoration fee per year
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingSkyn Haven


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted 10th grade
School TrainingCosmetologist-1500 hours
Esthetician-750 hours
Application & Fee$25 application fee
Phone(225) 756-3404 ext 214
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLA · Lash Academy


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted 10th grade
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1500 hours
Esthetician – 600 hours
Application & FeeApplication fee $41
Phone(207) 624-8603
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingEyEnvy Lash Studio & Academy


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education Requirements9th Grade or G.E.D.
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1500 hours
Esthetician – 600 hours
Application & Fee$25 application fee
$25 renewal fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingGirlkin Lashes


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education Requirements9th Grade or G.E.D.
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1000 hours
Aestheticians – 600 hours
Application & Fee$136 application fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingBoston Lash Academy


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education Requirements9th Grade or G.E.D.
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1500 hours
Esthetician – 500 hours
Application & Fee$63 for application fee and 2-year license fees
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLady Red Lash


License RequirementsCosmetologist, Esthetician, or
Eyelash Technician Operator or Eyelash Technician Salon Manager License
Education RequirementsNot specified
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1550 hours
Esthetician – 600 hours
Eyelash Technician – 38 hours (eyelash training only)
Application & Fee$130 for the license and a separate examination fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingMinnesota Brow Lash Studio and Academy


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsAt least passed 12th grade
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1500 hours
Esthetician – 600 hours
Application & Fee$50 for license application
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingThe Glam Station and Spa


License RequirementsCosmetologist License
Education Requirements10th grade
School TrainingBarber/Cosmetologist – 1000 hours
Estheticians – 750 hours
Application & Fee$75 for the application fee.
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLash Room and Brow Bar


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHigh School graduate
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1500 hours
Estheticians – 650 hours
Application & Fee$80 for the application fee
Phone(406) 444-6880
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingMontana Lash Training


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHigh School graduate
School TrainingCosmetologists – 2100 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
Application and Fee$95 application fee
$118 renewal fee
Phone(402) 471-2117
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingBella Mia


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted 10th grade in school
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1600 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
Application & Fee$125 application fee
$325 Registration fee
$70 renewal fee every 2 years
PhoneLas Vegas Office: 702-508-0015
Reno Office: 775-688-1442
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLivBay Lash

New Hampshire

License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted high school 
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1500 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
Application & Fee$100 license application fee
Phone(603) 271-1062
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingEyEnvy Lash Studio & Academy

New Jersey

License RequirementsCosmetologist-Hairstylist, Beautician or Barber License
Education RequirementsCompleted high school 
School Training1200 hours
Application & Fee$140 license application
$45 renewal fee
Phone(973) 504-6400
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingHigh Class Lashes

New Mexico

License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsTwo years of high school 
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1600 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
Application & Fee$10 application fee
$50 license fee
$50 annual renewal fee
Phone(505) 476-4622
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingThe House of Shelby

New York

License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsNot specified 
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1000 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
Application & Fee$30 examination fee
$40 license fee
$40 renewal fee
Phone(518) 474-4429
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLash and Brow NY

North Carolina

License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHigh school graduate
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1500 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours 
Application & Fee$64 license fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingNatural Esthetics

North Dakota

License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education Requirements4 years of high school or equivalent
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1800 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours 
Application & Fee$80 license fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingStill evaluating


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted cosmetology training from a licensed school
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1500 hours
Estheticians – 750 hours
Applicationat least 18 years old
Fee$39 examination fee
$45 license fee
Phone(614) 466-3834
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingSalon Institute


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsPassed 8th grade
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1500 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
Application & Fee$35 exam fee
$35 initial license fee
$25 renew fee
Phone(405) 521-2441
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingClary Sage College


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted cosmetology training from a licensed school
School TrainingCosmetologists – 2300 hours
Estheticians – 700 hours
ApplicationAt least 18 years old
Fee$20 application fee
$25 initial license fee
$45 renewal fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingPortland Beauty School


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted 10th grade
School TrainingCosmetologists – 1250 hours
Estheticians – 300 hours
ApplicationAt least 16 years old
Fee$10 application fee
$93 examination fee
Phone(717) 783-7130
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLash Bee

Rhode Island

License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHigh school graduate
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1200 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
ApplicationAt least 18 years old
Fee$25 application fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingCh’i Lash

South Carolina

License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted 10th grade
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1200 hours
Estheticians – 450 hours
ApplicationAt least 16 years old
Fee$20 application fee
$80 examination fee
Phone(803) 896-4588
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingVenice Luxury Lash Brand

South Dakota

A Cosmetologist or Esthetician License. Eyelash Extensions can also be performed by individuals after completing 16 hours of training from approved providers of South Dakota Licenses. For a list check here.

Education RequirementsHigh school graduate
School TrainingCosmetologist – 2100 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
ApplicationAt least 18 years old
Fee$25 application fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingAmazing Lash Studio


Education RequirementsCosmetologist or Aesthetician License
Education RequirementsHas a GED
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1500 hours
Aestheticians – 750 hours 
ApplicationAt least 16 years old
Fee$60 License fee
$60 renewal fee
Phone(615) 741-2515
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingThe Lash Chick


License RequirementsCosmetologist, Aesthetician or Eyelash Extension Speciality License
Education RequirementsHigh school diploma
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1200 hours
Estheticians – 750 hours
Eyelash Extension Speciality – 320 hours
ApplicationAt least 17 years old
Fee$50 application fee
$122 examination fee
Phone(512) 463-6599
Emailemail form
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingXtreme Lashes


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsN/A
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1600 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
ApplicationNot specified
Fee$60 application fee
Phone(801) 530-6633
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingBella Lash


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHigh school diploma or GED
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1000 hours
Estheticians – 500 hours
ApplicationNot specified
Fee$110 application fee
$130 renewal fee
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingPure Beauty


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHigh school diploma or GED
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1500 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
ApplicationNot specified
Fee$105 application fee
Phone(804) 367-8509
Recommended TrainingEye Candy Lash Boutique


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsGraduated from a recognized Cosmetology school
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1600 hours
Estheticians – 750 hours
ApplicationAt least 17 years old
Fee$25 license fee ($5 extra for a printed copy)
Phone(360) 664-6626
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingSwink School

West Virginia

License RequirementsCosmetologist or Aesthetician License
Education RequirementsGraduated from a recognized Cosmetology school
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1800 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
ApplicationNot specified
Fee$35 initial license fee
$35 annual renewal fee
Phone(304) 558-2924
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingBella Lash


License Requirements
Cosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsHigh school graduate
School TrainingCosmetologist – 1550 hours
Estheticians – 450 hours
Application18 years old
Phone(608) 266-2112
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingLash Dolls Milwaukee


License RequirementsCosmetologist or Esthetician License
Education RequirementsCompleted 10th grade
School TrainingCosmetologist – 2000 hours
Estheticians – 600 hours
ApplicationAt least 16 years old.
Fee$100 examination fee
$48 annual license fee
Phone(307) 777-3534
Licensing Website
Recommended TrainingPash Lashes
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