3 Steps to Find Best Eyelash Vendors on alibaba.com

April 8, 2021

This article is about how to find good lashes vendors on alibaba.com.

Purchase on Aliexpress.com?

As we know, Alibaba has two platforms: alibaba.com and aliexpress. Alibaba.com is for bulk trade (Business To Business Platform) and Aliexpress.com is for personal trade (Consumer To Consumer Platform).

In my opinion, do not purchase eyelashes on aliexpress.com.

Here are the reasons:

1. Aliexpress.com is a personal trade platform. The regulatory approach here is very loosely than on alibaba.com. Another side, the price fight on this platform is very serious. So you’ll find most of the products available on Aliexpress are cheaply made, cheaper quality, cheaper materials, and shipping are also cheap.

2. Beauty products purchased from individual sellers will be in big trouble if something goes wrong.

Find Good Vendors on Alibaba.com

Now let's talk about alibaba.com.

There're two ways to contact the suppliers: Search Keyword or Post RFQs. Searching Keywords on alibaba.com is much better RFQs -- It's more proactive.

Step #1 Search Keyword

After searching the keyword "eyelash" on alibaba.com, we'll get a product list page ( about 45 products).

Now let's talk about it.

Step #2 Avoid Advertising Products

Alibaba.com not only charges membership fees from suppliers but also allows suppliers to pay for a good product position. We have to recognize these advertising products before finding good eyelash suppliers.

Let's find the advertising products together: 

Step #3 Choose the Good Eyelash Vendors

There're many icons on each product. Some icons can help us finding good vendors.

Now let's talk about these icons.

1. Product Label - Useless. This label can be edited by vendors.

2. Customs Data - Useless. Sellers wouldn't have this label if they don't like to display their data.

3. Company Name - Useful. We can find the vendors' website by clicking this link -- on the "contacts" page. ( click to see how to find )

4. Member Age - Useful. It's reasonless to purchase from 1-year-member vendors.

5. Verified Label - Useless. It's a paid service on alibaba.com. The certification company just takes some photos of vendors' offices & business licenses.

6. Trade Assurance - Useful. Make sure the "Supplier's Trade Assurance Limit" (you'll find it when you put the mouse on the little yellow crown icon) is enough to secure our payment.

7. Vendors' Response Rate - Useless. Most of the response rate is more than 95%. This is just an indicator to evaluate suppliers.

8. Sales on alibaba.com - Useful. This label shows vendors' sales on alibaba.com.

9. Supplier Service Stars - Useless. It's proportional to the cost of the suppliers.

10. Feedback - Useless already. For better rank on alibaba.com, there're more and more suppliers begin to pay for fake feedbacks.

So, here's what we get - how to find good vendors on alibaba.com:

how to find good supplier on alibaba.com

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