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The business of selling false eyelashes depends on obtaining good quality supplies at reasonable wholesale prices. People can become very attached to a brand of eyelashes, so it's important to have suppliers as part of your supply chain. If you want to start a business selling eyelash extensions, finding a supplier is a first and most important step.

The market for eyelash extensions and accessories is growing rapidly, and eyelash sales are a perfect full-time business or a way to earn an alternative income. You can sell eyelashes online or through a vast network of contacts. Here are some of the favorable statistics on eyelash sales:

  • The lash extension increased by more than $270 million between 2017 and 2018;
  • About half of eyelash sellers have their own websites;
  • Professional eyelash technicians can charge between $61 and $180 for a complete set of eyelashes;
  • About 75 percent of U.S. eyelash professionals earn $50,000 or more per year;
  • About 80 per cent of eyelash sellers say they are satisfied or very satisfied with their career choice.

There are many options to find a good lash supplier, but the first and most obvious way to start is to run a Google search. Professional wholesale lash suppliers should have a website, and you can easily find sellers with a keyword search under "wholesale lash suppliers" or similar verbiage. You can also search the supplier's business history, find reviews and check complaints against the manufacturer.

Other options to find suppliers include asking around, checking yellow pages for local suppliers, going to trade shows where you can see samples, checking market suppliers like Alibaba, and using any of the other techniques covered in this article.

Types of eyelash sellers

The types of companies that sell wholesale lashes include manufacturers, business to business, also known as B2B, companies, market wholesalers like Alibaba, distributors, and some retail operations that offer wholesale prices for bulk orders. Procurement agents are consultants who work for you and "source" all the products you need from different manufacturers and distributors.

According to a low moq, which is the minimum amount of order, the wholesale/retailer combination option could be ideal for beginners who sell lashes part-time while working in salons or other beauty and health services. You may want to carry an inventory of related accessories, such as makeup, brushes, etc.

Use search engine resources to find a good provider

Google ranks well above other search engines in popularity, but you can use other search engines like AOL, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, and others. Search engines show the best results on the first page, but the top-ranked companies may not be the best for your needs. Here's how to reduce your search using longtail keywords:

  • Search for "lash wholesalers";
  • Search for "eyelash sellers";
  • Search for "lash wholesalers in the U.S."; or another country
  • Search for "Lash Wholesalers in the New York Area";
  • Search for "mink eyelash manufacturers"; or other types of eyelashes
  • Add additional descriptive information to fine-tune your search

Different search engines don't always include the best providers on the first page of search engine results, but trying to browse thousands of pages is not practical.

Other search options to find eyelash wholesalers

You can do what's called an image search in Google by adding image search words to your search. For example, search for " the search for images for silk lashes in the United States." The return of the search engine will show images, and you can click on the links under the images. Google will take you to the source of the image, which is usually a reputable manufacturer or supplier.

Google Maps is also a great search option. You can find local and global suppliers with this technique. However, some foreign companies will not be included, and companies outside the U.S. will not have as much information unless they sign up for Google Maps.

Use search engines, such as Google, bing, yahoo, Baidu, AOL, etc.

Local searches also work. For example, you can search for the Baidu map of China. Just enter 假睫毛, which means false eyelashes, and you will get a list of Chinese lash suppliers. However, you will need good Mandarin or Cantonese skills, or you can use a translator, Google Translate or DeepL.

Social media searches for eyelash sellers

Social media searches include searching for pages or accounts of corporate members on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

Facebook ranks as the most popular social platform, and it is frequently used for B2B promotions. You can search for the appropriate keyword phrase or join dedicated groups interested in eyelashes to get recommendations from members. Another popular method of searching for lashes wholesalers is to find a key group or influencer, both of whom may have tested some of the eyelash brands. These groups or individuals may be willing to share or sell the information they have discovered.

Instagram is searchable for similar keyword phrases - such as synthetic eyelash manufacturers in the US. The return list appears in a drop-down area, where you can connect to the provider's Instagram page. YouTube works in much the same way, but you have the added benefit of getting relevant videos that can demonstrate eyelashes more effectively than words or photos. LinkedIn is also searchable, and due to the tilt of the platform's business, it is easy to find wholesalers, distributors and B2B companies.

The same search strategies work for other social platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and others, but the previous four platforms are probably your best bets. You can track lash marks and styles through the pins on Pinterest, but this may take some time.

B2B Marketplace forums are designed to find multiple products and suppliers

Market platforms like Alibaba are designed to carry many of the products a company needs in one place. This makes Alibaba the perfect place to look for lashes and wholesale accessories for your nascent business.

An excellent example is the following link to You can place your keyword phrase in the search bar — such as 3D mink lashes — and internal search will produce important images, prices, descriptions and information about the B2B supplier and its products.

A Gold-listed supplier refers to a company that is legally registered, and you must ensure that a company has that rating before doing business with it.

Trade Assurance is an integrated protection service for customers of Alibaba's suppliers. It ensures that customers get what they order on time and in good condition.

The site also lists the number of years the seller has been registered with Alibaba as a gold supplier. The more registered the business, the more likely it is that the company will be reputed and reliable.

Supplier pages also provide information about the transaction level. The higher the score, the higher the volume of transactions. For example, suppliers earn more than 30,000 for 60 successful transactions.

The response rate and delivery rate are also assessed. Alibaba is a one-stop shop for supplier research and wholesale product purchases with strong and integrated protections. Again, the higher the score, the better the response rate or delivery rate.

Discover exhibitions and trade shows to find eyelash sellers

Trade shows and exhibitions are held in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries to showcase the latest eyelash extension styles and accessory products. Chinese exhibitions are very numerous and popular. Trade shows and conferences are a great place to get information about multiple suppliers, see the actual products, and ask any questions you might have. As always, you can google for eyelash trade shows in your immediate area or travel to exhibits further afield.

The top five lash shows and the best information on the website

  1. The International Conference on Aesthetics, Cosmetics and Spa was held in various cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, etc.
  2. NasNPRO's Salon and Spa Professionals Conference, held in various U.S. cities throughout the year
  3. The Image Expo, held in Houston, Texas
  4. Face - Body® Spa Expo - Conference by Skin Inc., held in various United States. cities throughout the year
  5. Bella Lash Trade Shows, which take place in several United States. cities throughout the year

Supplier websites can be very useful in educating customers, answering questions, offering unparalleled customer service options, and accessing a customer's ordering and navigation history. Some of the best website providers include both U.S. and Chinese sites:

Private label extensions is the best in the United States. manufacturer of custom eyelash and lash strip extensions. [8]Its inventory includes standard, thin and 25-millimeter-wide 3D mink. The company also carries 5D Mink and a 3D line Fake Volume of lashes.

The site is easy to navigate and includes dozens of styles, sizes and eyelashes in high-resolution photos. The site fits well for browsing from your phone, and the company also provides wigs and weaves.

Aïteng USA Corporation

Aïteng USA Corporation, which is based in New York, carries a complete line of eyelashes, including strip, individual eyelash extensions, flared eyelashes, and eyelash accessories.Retailers can also design their own eyelashes.

The website makes it easy to find products and learn more about the industry and eyelash trends. The company is both a distributor and a manufacturer of beauty-related products.

How to attend an eyelash exhibition as a visitor

Beauty salons, eyelash exhibitions and conferences can increase your industry contacts and knowledge of eyelash products, so it's worth attending one or more of these events. The benefits of attending trade shows:

  • You get a wide view of the industry in a short period of time, usually on a weekend.
  • You can learn more about the latest developments and trends in the industry, and you have the chance to buy new products ahead of your competitors.
  • Sales in the eyelash sector are booming, and you can get contacts for networking with large companies.
  • Special offers and discounts are usually offered by suppliers as introductory offers.
  • Free classes are available depending on the purchase of a ticket to the show

Some trade shows do not charge for the entrance for guests, but others do. You will need to research the event to learn more about admission policies. Things are a bit difficult during coronavirus, but that will change soon. Most exhibitions charge for a booth. Representatives of the exhibition participants sometimes offer potential guests free tickets to attend.

However, conferences generally have high fees, and most participants need to pay for travel and hotel expenses. Registration fees for customers are generally low, however. The show wants people to attend, so fees rarely present a problem for most people.

Collecting information about products and services is usually very easy. Most companies provide flyers and flyers on their products, business cards and other printed information. Some offer codes to get a lot when ordering products online. Many suppliers offer free product examples to participants.

Useful references for trade shows and exhibitions

There are many websites that offer valuable information about upcoming trade shows, eyelash providers, business addresses, and information that relates specifically to the eyelash industry. These include ReferenceUSA,, WorldWide Brands and Maker's Row.

ReferenceUSA maintains a list of business addresses that include eyelash sellers and the lounge headquarters. provides information on suppliers, products, equipment and services. Worldwide Brands provides the names and addresses of distributors around the world, and you just need to list a particular product to get a list of suppliers for that product. Maker's Row provides connections to more than 10,000 U.S. cities. Manufacturers.

Choose between Chinese and American lash sellers

U.S. Residents who want to start an eyelash business can choose from B2B companies, manufacturers, distributors, supply agents, and market platforms from around the world for their inventory. However, as the most convenient options, most business owners in the U.S. choose Chinese or American lash suppliers.

Chinese companies tend to be much cheaper because of the low cost of labor. The Chinese also have a solid reputation for providing excellent beauty supplies for hair salons, nail salons, and other beauty-related businesses.

U.S. wholesalers charge higher prices, but you can avoid problems hiring translation services, paying import duties, hiring a procurement agent, communicating in near-opposing time zones, paying higher shipping costs and adapting to cultural barriers.

Supply agents work for you to find the products you want from different manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and B2B companies. Distributors offer a limited selection of products and brands, and you have to choose from the specific products they carry. Marketplace platforms offer multiple suppliers with their own product lines, usually centered around a particular industry, job or product line.

The U.S. and China offer high quality eyelash extensions and accessories, so the comparison rates look like a draw. Some business owners want to try wholesalers in both countries to determine what they like best.

How to determine if the supplier is good

There are many ways to evaluate a supplier: price, product quality, customer service, MOQ, bulk discounts and other criteria. You can get an idea of the price by comparing the price of the same or similar products. B2B testimonials and reviews are important tools for investigating a supplier's reputation. You can also ask the seller's customers if the company has a good reputation, responds quickly to complaints, etc.

You can also check a seller's reputation with the locals of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. Suppliers also tend to post reputational information on their websites. You can find out if they have quality assurance endorsements or other essential evidence like google vendor endorsements. Does the company have a strong quality assurance policy and does it offer replacements or refunds for defective goods? The answer is important to know.

Stability is also important, and this usually means being in business for a long time. Usually, 10 years or more in business indicates stability. Proximity means lower shipping costs and a higher sense of responsibility if the seller is part of your community. Orders abroad are more common around the world these days, but these can take months to arrive at your store or business location. Reliability is essential.

Minimum and maximum wholesale orders can also be an important stumbling block for start-ups. This is the minimum order that applies to most small businesses that do not want to invest too much in inventory due to cash flow problems and the attractiveness of indeterminate sales of a new product line.

Popular types of false eyelashes

You need to know the most popular lash styles so that your customers consider you knowledgeable about eyelashes, accessories, and makeup trends. Eyelash extensions can be used to create an amazing variety of different looks. Your customers might prefer lightweight extensions that provide a natural or bold look, glorious lashes that mimic the popular celebrity looks on the red carpet. Popular types of eyelashes include:

mink lashes

Mink lashes are most often worn by celebrities. Made from mink fur, eyelashes are considered as glamorous as mink coats - without the negative connotations of wearing fur.

Fake mink lashes

It is a popular type of synthetic lashes that mimics the appearance of mink lashes.

Silk lashes

Silk lashes have a medium weight, and are softer and lighter than synthetic lashes. They are also softer and last longer than synthetics. Your customers can make them look as dense as synthetic lashes for glamorous looks, or you can color them lighter for a natural look. Silk lash extensions are the most popular type of eyelashes used by brides.

Sand lashes

These lashes are made from sand fur, a forest animal commonly found in the forests of Siberia and Russia.

Synthetic lashes

Synthetic lashes are made of polished acrylic material, and they are the most robust type of lash extension. Synthetics are often chosen by those who want to appear heavily constituted for formal occasions, costume parties, stage makeup, etc. The extensions are bright and shiny, and they hold the curls well for dramatic looks.

Personalised eyelashes

Some suppliers offer highly personalized eyelashes and packaging that display your brand's logo.

Special eyelashes

Any type of fancy whip can be ordered special from some suppliers. These include feather lashes in different colors.

Doll's eyelashes

Doll lash patterns have a concentration of thick lashes in the center of the eye.

Starting your own lash business

There are many steps to start your own business, but the most important thing is how to find eyelash supplier supplies. Your network of contacts could give you some good recommendations. You can do your own Google searches, check out some of the resources mentioned in this article, attend one or more trade shows, and/or hire a dedicated procurement agent for your needs.

The best strategy is to find high quality products and learn your trade so you can customize your orders. If you are a perfectionist with a good eye for eye makeup, selling eyelashes, artistic designs and accessories could be the most rewarding and satisfying career you could choose.

You can sell your products online or in your own brick and mortar store. You can also schedule appointments and make sales on the side while working in other professions where you have a lot of contact with gay women and/or men. Make sure you get a presence on Facebook or other social platforms to get a regular supply of sales links. Business is booming, and you can get your fair share of the market by finding a high quality, stable and reputable lash supplier.

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