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Brand: Full Shine

Range of products: Hair Products such as tape in hair extensions, halo hair extensions, wigs, toppers, etc.

Target market: US, UK, Canada, etc.

Date of establishment: 2017 (data from web.archive.org)

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Official store: www.fullshine.net

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Score in Trustpilot (2.8/5)

Since Full Shine's feedback on Amazon is far better than the official website store, we recommend that you buy hair products on Full Shine's store on Amazon.

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“good quality”

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wrong color

the delivery is slow

hair roots


Questions & Answers

Recently I want to change from tape in hair extension to clip in hair. Will it cause hair loss because of being too heavy?

Quite the opposite. Unlike tape-in hair, clip-in hair is not regularly damaged due to disassembly. Its weight is appropriate and comfortable. Once you get used to its weight, you will almost forget that you have worn it.

Can I wear this in the swimming pool?

It is not recommended to be used in swimming pools.

It is not recommended to be used in a swimming pool. As we all know, because the wig is not nourished by the hair roots, the more frequently it is washed, the more damage it will cause. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the hair extension when it is dirty or difficult to style.

In addition, the swimming pool water Chlorine can also cause damage to hair extensions.

How to tell 100% human hair from synthetic one?

How to tell 100 human hair from synthetic one?

  • When human hair burns, you will see white smoke, which then turns into ashes.
  • When synthetic hair burns, it turns into sticky balls and releases black smoke.

How to choose the right length?

Different hairstyles have very different requirements on the length of the hair extension. The following are the effects of each length of the three hairstyles for your reference:

How to choose the right color?

It is important to choose a hair extension that is similar to your own hair color. The safest way is to send photos of your life to the seller’s customer service and ask for color suggestions. Note that these photos should not be modified\filtered.

If you want to choose the hair extension color yourself, you need to know your hair color by color chart first.

Here’s the color chart in natural light:

Hair Color Chart (in natural light)

How to Clip In Hair Extensions?

For long hair:

For short hair:

How to wash the hair extension?

  • Bundle the extensions together and brush it until there is no tangle.
  • Run under lukewarm water, then use a bit of sulfate-free, paraben free shampoo.
  • Rinse out thoroughly and care the hair with conditioner for minutes.
  • Rinse out and Pat dry with a towel. (Do NOT blow drying your hair.)

Can I use purple shampoo on hair extensions?

It is not recommended. The purple shampoo will significantly reduce the service life of hair extensions.

How often do you wash your hair?

Do not exceed twice a week. It is generally recommended to wash the hair extension if it is dirty or difficult to style.

Tip: Air-dry is much better than blow-dry for hair extensions.

Further Reading:
How often is the best time to wash your hair?

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