Furniture and wood working machinery Development History


Abstract: Recalling the development of furniture and woodworking machinery, groping furniture and woodworking machinery development trend at home and abroad to explore a complete furniture and woodworking machinery production system.

Wood, is a gift of nature given to mankind, is the use of the earliest of raw material, there is a close connection between wood and human life. Wood is the object of woodworking machine processing, with the continuous practice of mankind and continuous progress of the times, in the woodworking industry area, woodworking machinery can be produced and developed, besides, furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machinery.

Furniture and woodworking machinery features

Wood is the object of woodworking machine processing, The nonuniformity of wood and the individuality make it has different properties and strengths in different directions, The angle of action in the direction of wood fiber when cutting is different, the stress and destructive power of wood are also different, it makes led to many complex mechanical and physical and chemical changes, such as compression, cracking, and fluff, etc., besides, Wood heat resistance is poor, the processing cannot exceed its cooking temperature.

These all constitute the woodworking machinery unique characteristics:

1. High-speed cutting

2. Some parts of the manufacturing accuracy is relatively low

3. Woodworking machine noise level is higher

4. Woodworking machines generally do not require a cooling device and require a chip removal device

5. Woodworking machine adopts multiple feed modes

6.Less working mode

Furniture and woodworking machinery industry at home and abroad

Development History:

According to historical records, In the Chinese Shang Dynasty and the Western Zhou Dynasty, the earliest made "bronze saws", and it has been for many years.

In 1384, Europe has emerged as the original sawing machine through the hydraulic, animal power, wind power-driven saw blade to do reciprocating motion, which is the further development of woodworking machinery.

At the end of the 18th century, modern woodworking machinery was born in the UK. In the 1860s, the British began the "industrial revolution", machinery manufacturing technology has made significant progress.

At the beginning of 1791, he has invented the surface planer, the milling machine, the router machine, circular saw machine, drilling machine. In 1799, Brunel invented the woodworking machinery for the shipbuilding industry, making the work efficiency has been significantly improved.

In 1802, Brahma invented the planer. It is to be processed raw materials fixed on the table,the planer rotates over the workpiece, When the table reciprocates, the planer cuts the woodwork. In 1808, William Newbury invented the band saw.

At the beginning of the 19th century, during the US economic development, woodworking machinery has been greatly developed. In 1828, Woodworth invented a single-sided planer. In 1860,it began to cast iron instead of the wooden bed.

In 1834 United States George Paige invented the pedal groove; Fay invented the tenon; 1876 American Greene invented the earliest square tongue and the groove machine; in 1877 the United States of America Baillin factory appeared the earliest of the belt sander.

The United States began to produce double band saw machines. 1900, the United States exhibited CNC machine tools, 10 years later, the United Kingdom, Japan have developed a woodworking CNC router.

In 1960 the United States first made the paper cutting machine.

In 1979 the German blue flag company made of polycrystalline diamond tool.

From the steam engine invented to now years, the developed industrial woodworking machine industry, through continuous improvement, improve, perfect, has now developed into a number of series, multiple varieties, as a complete range of industries.

Woodworking machinery produced by the major industrial countries of the world, in addition to domestic use, there are a large number of foreign exports, and become an important part of world trade.

Germany, Italy, the United States, and China Taiwan is the main production of international woodworking machinery countries and regions in the international market supply in the dominant position.

In terms of output, Germany took the lead, Italy second, third in the United States, Japan fourth, China's fifth in Taiwan Province.

In terms of trade volume, Germany, Italy, Japan, and China Taiwan Province among the best, is the world's major competitor in the woodworking machinery market.

China's woodworking machinery industry status and development trends.

China's woodworking machinery industry Overview In recent years, the rapid development of China's woodworking machinery has been dependent on imports to independent production type, whether it is production or product technology are close to the world's advanced level, for the attention of countries around the world.

In 2006, China's woodworking machinery output value reached 18 billion yuan, woodworking machinery exports totaled 1.18 billion US dollars, compared with 2005 increased by 15.9%; woodworking machinery output and total exports ranked third in the world, second only to Germany and Italy. At present, China has more than 1,000 woodworking machinery production enterprises, with an annual output value of 20 billion yuan.

As China's woodworking machinery products in the production or price advantage, China has now become a woodworking machinery production power.

However, with the deepening of economic globalization, the influx of foreign advanced woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery industry competition has become increasingly fierce.

China's woodworking machinery industry status of China's domestic and international market overview of the year, China has entered the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" the development of the medium-term stage, China's woodworking machinery as other economic pillar industries, the development is very rapid, the results significantly.

In recent years, the rapid development of China's socialist market economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards have promoted the rapid development of real estate construction, building decoration, and furniture manufacturing, thus promoting the rapid development of woodworking machinery.

China's woodworking machinery in addition to meet the needs of the domestic market, there are some products each year to foreign exports.

As China's woodworking machinery performance and technical level close to foreign advanced equipment, and the price are much cheaper than similar international products, therefore, China's woodworking machinery and equipment by Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe and the United States in some countries and regions, the consumer market of all ages.

Nevertheless, the overall level of China's woodworking machinery and the world's advanced countries, there is still a considerable gap, it can be said that although large and not strong, from the production of large countries into the world's woodworking machinery production is the only way for the development of China's woodworking machinery.

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