How to prevent plastic pallets from breaking and deforming?

April 8, 2021

Despite the durability of plastic pallets, we experience a few cases where pallets are deformed.

The overall stability of the deformed pallets is not only greatly reduced, but also makes some vehicles unmatched for use, resulting in a decrease in the carrying capacity of plastic pallets.

So what exactly causes plastic tray deformation?

1. Overweight.

Be sure to pay attention to its static load and dynamic load before we purchase.

2.The uneven distribution of the force points will cause the deformation of the plastic pallets.

For example, when placing the goods, the weight of the goods is concentrated in the edge of the plastic pallet part, and the middle does not carry the weight of the cargo, which will certainly cause the plastic pallet

3. Incorrect handling operation.

Sometimes, the use of units in the use of plastic pallets to carry forklifts to operate goods, due to the problems of forklift drivers, will cause forklift arms to hit the plastic pallets, resulting in pallet deformation.

4.Encounter some bad pallet manufacturers that use defective materials to make the plastic pallets soft and fragile and deform.

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