Hydrogel powder - the amazing water absorbent material

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*This article is about hydrogel powder, sodium polyacrylate, superabsorbent polymer.

Hydrogel powder: sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate, as a type of superabsorbent polymers, can absorb plenty of water quickly and turn to water gel.

Sodium polyacrylate is safety material, it's non-toxic, harmless, and has the character of natural degradation.

Therefore, its main application is the absorbent material in paper diapers. Actually, sodium polyacrylate is widely used in every aspect of people's life.

Basic info

Name Sodium polyacrylate
Chemical formula (C3H3KO2)n
CAS Number 25608-12-2
Molar mass Variable
Appearance white granule / transparent gel (before/after absorbing water)
Odor imperceptible
Main applications absorbing, blocking liquid with expanding
Common test items absorption, absorbent rate, liquid permeability, residual monomer (as AA), particle size distribution.

Mainly uses

Common uses
Such as ice packs, fragrance carriers, water beads, growing toys, and so on.

Personal care
Such as paper diapers, sanitary napkins, nursing mat, and so on.

Industrial grade
waste liquid control, excreta collection, and so on.

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