Influence a good edge banding machine is determined from the price, the factory?


The edge banding machine is mainly used for the edge sealing of panel furniture in the decoration. Therefore, when selecting the edge banding machine, attention should be paid to the firmness of bonding at the time of edge sealing, the quickness, and lightness of work, and whether it can improve work efficiency. In addition, pay attention to the edge band, hot melt adhesive, substrate, work environment, and operating methods.

Selecting the edge band should pay attention to the width, thickness, material, thickness, surface treatment, and other elements.

Hot melt adhesives should pay attention to the difference between high, medium, and low-temperature adhesives, match the types of edge bands, and must also be scientifically set to control the temperature and the turbidity and solidification time delay of the sol.

The choice of the substrate also has the requirements of mass, temperature, parallelism, and verticality of the cut surface. The indoor temperature and dust concentration of the working environment also need to be considered. The speed, pressure, balance, and continuity of the base material, edge band, and rubber shaft in operation will affect the edge sealing effect.

1. See if double-sided coating, the double-sided coating is firm.

The double-sided coating is to apply glue evenly on the surface of the sheet and the cover, and the ordinary single-sided coating machine only applies glue on the edge band. The double-sided adhesive edge sealing effect is completely the same as the automatic edge sealing machine, and the firmness is more than 3 times that of the single-sided adhesive coating. Double-sided top wire design, control the amount of plate glue evenly; control the amount of glue applied to the edge band evenly.

2. To see if it is automatically sent/disconnected, detect the limit switch.

The plate hits the limit switch and the machine automatically feeds the edge strip. The plate leaves the limit switch and the machine automatically breaks the edge strip. Automatically send/remove edge strips to increase work efficiency by 5 times.

3. Observe the installation position/installation mode of the plastic tank.

This machine adopts glue-hanging pots for empty installation so that the glue pot is separated from the work surface, which can reduce the heating time and avoid the burn caused by the overheating of the work surface.

4. Pay attention to motor specifications and warranty period.

The chain wheel is modified as a pulley, which not only increases the power of the motor but also does not easily damage the gearbox of the motor. Makes the motor more powerful, thereby increasing the efficiency and service life of the edge bander, and extending the useful life of the motor.

5. Pay attention to the oil-water separator

Effectively filter the water vapor in the air, greatly prolonging the life of pneumatic components. Standardizing original parts is the first step to quality assurance. All electrical/pneumatic components meet UL and CSA standards.

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