ML9616SM (vertical planer saw)

September 10, 2022
ML9616SM vertical planer saw
Max working width20-160mm
Max working thickness10-120mm
Min. Working length650/480mm
Feeding speed6-30m/min
Saw spindle diameter50mm
Saw spindle speed4000 RPM
Cutter spindle diameter40mm
Cutter spindle speed6800 RPM
Cutter diameter
Upper cutter110-180mm
Bottom cutter125mm
Right cutter115-170mm
Left cutter115-170mm
Left saw blade160-250mm
Right saw blade160-250mm
Machine power
Bottom spindle4kw
Left and right cutter spindle5.5kw*2pc
Upper spindle5.5kw
Left and right saw spindle15kw*2pc
Feeding power5.5kw
Back feeding power0.75kw*2pc
Lifting power0.75kw
Total power58.25kw
Voltage380v 50hz 3phase
Air pressure0.6mpa
Dust collection port diameter4pc*120mm+2pc*150mm
Outline dimension3720*1600*1700mm
Machine weight3700kg
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