Modern Showroom Light Design – Tips For Best Store Experience


Correct lighting design gives aesthetics to a showroom and enhances the look of products by highlighting their features. Modern LED lighting techniques have overcome the drawbacks of conventional lighting and are helping showroom businesses raise store footfalls and eventually product sales.

Modern LED lighting systems can certainly give your showroom the ultimate lighting experience. The best -and sometimes the confusing – part is that there is a whole lot of showroom lighting products to choose from. SeniorLED brings the most popular retail store lighting systems to help you choose the best ones for your showroom.

Start paying attention!

Accent lighting

Accent lighting focuses on a specific area. In a showroom, the accent LED lighting technique helps to highlight the products, their key features and also backlighting the areas that are to be lit. This lighting is best suited for apparel, automotive and electronic appliances showrooms. This form of modern lighting technique gives the product a unique feel.

Fixture required: It needs a track light system that can hold three to four moveable spotlights with LED bulbs. Depending on the size of your showroom, you may set the quantity.

Decorative Lighting

The decoration is an accessory to the lighting designs. If combined, accent and ambient lighting give a unique contrast to your showroom. Let’s take an example to understand this showroom lighting. Antiques and precious stones are rare. So, their stores must look exclusive too. Vintage chandeliers give an authentic look to your showroom and modern LED lighting will make sure that the electricity bills don’t eat into your profits. If you have a fashion apparel store, then, you can opt for pendant lights.

Fixture required: You may purchase chandeliers that suit your budget. For small businesses, it is best to purchase fixtures from the flea market and give them minor repairs and finishing touch. It will reduce costs. Install LED lights in the fixtures and give your showroom an elegant look.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting brightens your whole showroom and makes it visible to passersby. It also helps to fill the gaps between display, counters, corners, and shelves. Its main aim is to set the store ambiance to make the customers comfortable. It gives the showroom a welcoming appeal. These modern LED lights are used in all kinds of stores including furniture, appliances, and electronics showrooms.

Fixture required: It is one of the simplest lighting techniques used by showrooms across the globe. Just install ceiling panel LED lights and give a warm feel to your showroom. This ambiance will generate more footfall and ultimately boost your sales.

Showroom lighting is not just about knowing what to use; it’s also about how to use it. That’s why SeniorLED will tell you the most important things to be kept in mind before installing these systems in your showroom.

Tips for an effective showroom lighting plan:

1. Make sure that your ambient lighting is perfectly set. The best temperature (3000-5000k) is a must for effective lighting. Overexposure may lead to a faded product or irritation to customers' eyes, both resulting in a bad experience.

2. The use of mirrors is advised in a showroom. It enhances the product appeal by doubling the lighting. It is also a low-cost alternative to your power needs.

3. Dimmer switches solve two purposes. They save energy and also give different ambient lighting. You may switch to lower lighting when there is natural light and turn up the light as the sun sets.

4. It is best to buy your LED lighting in bulk. The color temperature may vary from batch to batch. Hence, it is beneficial to have all bulbs from a single lot.

5. Buy from a certified showroom lighting manufacturer like SeniorLED that brings commercial LED products with certifications like UL, DLC, CE, AND TUV.

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