Must Know Before Purchasing Edge Banding Machine


1. The matching of edge banding machine mainly depends on the shape characteristics of the workpiece to be machined, the type of edge sealing material, and the productivity and quality

2. Linear edge banding commonly used in office furniture and cabinets and other simple products, mainly considering the yield and some of the features or configuration, such as the PVC or ABS scraper device for sealing material; solid wood edge, need to add finishing knife and sanding device; in order to ensure the quality of the edge is not affected by low winter temperatures the best choice, edge banding machine equipped with far infrared preheating device; additional configuration options are also many, such as automatic tracking fillet trimming function, cutter device.

3. Automatic edge banding machine has many functions, mainly include pre-milling, glue, edge, blunt, rough trimming, refinement, tracking, scraping, polishing, slotting, which is characterized by high efficiency, automation, high precision, and beauty. These features are also based on various types of division, some are relatively simple, with glue block, scraping, polishing, finishing, and other functions, some more comprehensive, almost all functions are, these are based on the customer base, to buy sheet.

4. Edge curve can be processed in several ways. The curved edge banding machine in order to achieve a stable high level of quality, the NC machining center or NC edge machine, the two machines for some special surfaces edge can show special advantages, such as the edge with the length of the counter can make the smallest circumference of the gap edge docking that is more suitable for the manufacture of high-end furniture products. The difference between the two is that all processes from saw cut to the last parts forming the machining center, complete sealing and trimming process of CNC sealing machine dedicated only, using the processing center edge is the edge takes a larger total processing time, reduces the production efficiency. Most manufacturers use manual edge machining curved parts, especially sheet metal parts within the arc, the maximum edge machine will decide by the wheel diameter can be processed Curve depth. Manual edge banding machine sealing curved edge has the advantages of simple operation, less investment. But due to edge by hand, quality is relatively high, mainly in the lower bonding strength, poor repeatability, high rework rate. At the same time manual sealing machine for thick edge banding commonly used (1.0-3.0mm) edge is relatively difficult but, to use some thin edge sealing strip is not visible on the component (0.4-1.0mm) can be made straight and curve processing.

5. Generally, the use of a manual edge banding machine and automatic linear edge sealing machine can meet the requirements of the general product, and the product will improve efficiency and reduce production cost.

6. Automatic edge banding machine with preheating, glue, trimming, scraping, polishing, and other functions, the current use of this structure there are several large manufacturers, some small manufacturers are eliminating the need for preheating, scraping and other functions, and even the polishing function is not.

7. Listen to the manufacturer's product introduction, from the machine specifications, performance, use, operation methods, prices, services, and so on, so that the machine needs to have general perceptual knowledge.

8. Look at the outside of the body in good condition. Check the parts, accessories are complete, look at the demonstration of the operation of the factory demonstration, look at the bonding effect, master the operation of the machine Essentials.

9. Open the machine to run the test. Check the power supply, the gas supply line is smooth, sensitive, the main spindle is running smoothly, no noise.

10. As can be seen from the above analysis, the purchase and use of edge banding machine should pay attention to product output and the ability to adapt to market demand, so as to select different levels of automation equipment and combinations

Edge banding machine with different degrees of automation

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