Must Know Before Purchasing Engraving Machine and CNC Router


1. The engraving machine is mainly used to engrave all kinds of flower-shaped, gate-shaped, and other patterned processing. Engraving machines can Cut, but they are slower than CNC router(CNC cutting).

2. The CNC router machine is mainly used to Cutting a wood board into different sizes. It is the special equipment for custom plate-type furniture opening, punching, and milling. It has a unique double-layer adsorption table and auxiliary feeding roller, which is convenient for workers. Loading and unloading make the operation faster and easier. However, the CNC router machine is a woodworking engraving machine that evolved.

CNC router machine is nothing more than the opening and carving modeling, ordinary woodworking engraving machine can also do ah, why buy a feeder? Many customers have such questions, CNC router machine than ordinary multi-process woodworking engraving machine prices are much higher, what are the advantages so many customers choose the router machine, the following HICAS CNC router manufacturers for everyone to analyze.

First of all, an ordinary woodworking engraving machine or multi-process woodworking engraving machine can be opened, but its bed structure and mechanical components determine that it can not be long-term opening work, otherwise, it will cause bed deformation and the mechanical accuracy is getting lower and lower;

The control system for the number of controlled feeders and wood engraving machines is different. The numerical control feeder can be optimized with a large number of design layouts to optimize the opening of the material. It can increase the utilization rate of the sheets, and the software can automatically split the sheets and automatically open the material. The operation is simple. Can be produced, this is an ordinary woodworking engraving machine can not be compared;

3.the bed structure and accessories used by the feeder are much higher than those of woodworking machines and can be adapted to long-term opening work, and the speed is very fast;

4. to save labor, CNC router machine can be combined with automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic labeling, and other automation systems, truly automated production, one person can complete the operation;

5. The function of vacuuming of the feeder is much stronger than that of the engraving machine, and the dust removal effect is better;

6. the feeder is a numerical control device with more detection and fault-tolerance mechanisms, and the operation is simple. The ordinary workers can complete the operation after simple training.

7. our self-developed CNC router, there are c2-9.c4-02, ca12, and other 7 models have been working in many furniture factories. The operation is stable and the machine repair rate is zero.

8. We are proud of the furniture design software used in the machine, because not only our machine is using this self-designed software. Nearly 1,500 furniture factories also use our software.

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