Must Know Before Purchasing Sliding Table Panel Saw


Sliding table panel saw can be used for a variety of wood-based panels such as veneer particleboard, fiberboard, plywood and wood, plastic, and other materials Aluminum Alloy profile crosscutting, and wide application of the furniture industry and vehicle manufacturing wood processing industry, which belongs to the general woodworking machinery equipment, the market demand is relatively large.

With the artificial board manufacturing industry in the application of a large number of furniture, building decoration industry, and other industries, the traditional general circular saw both the machining precision and production efficiency of all already cannot satisfy the needs of the process. Therefore, all kinds of special machines for circular saw sheet material of a woodworking sliding table panel saw has been developed rapidly. The low productivity of manual feed or feed machinery of small and medium-sized panel saw, to have a high degree of automation and productivity with a digital controller or computer program optimization and with a variety of large combined automatic loading and unloading mechanism of the vertical sawing plate system, manufacturing, construction, and decoration in furniture, vehicle manufacturing, and other industries has been widely used in precision. For cutting saw to plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, laminated board, blockboard, wood mosaic and plastic sheet for longitudinal cutting, sawing and transverse or angle In order to obtain the size of the plate to meet the requirements of the specification, but also can be used for a variety of insulation board, thin aluminum plate, and aluminum cutting.

Sliding table panel saw size

Conventional size is 2.8 m, 3 m, 3.2 m, 3.8 m.

Sliding table panel saw usually divided into the cylindrical guide and linear guide.

The cylindrical guide is a bit more smooth, more difficult to deform and damage

Host structure:

The main part of the sliding table panel saw, including bed, worktable, longitudinal section transverse guide plate, the main saw, scoring saw, transmission, and other components. The structure and working principle of the common circular sawing machine are similar and can be used as an ordinary circular sawing machine.

The sliding table panel saw constituent part

1) frame;

2) main saw part;

3) slot saw part;

4) transverse guide baffle plate;

5) fixed working table;

6) sliding push table;

7) oblique saw guide plate;

8) bracket;

9) oblique saw angle display device; lateral guide baffle.

The main structural characteristic of a precision sliding table panel saw is the use of two blades, namely the main blade and the scriber. When cutting, scoring saw ahead of sawing, the Machined plates of the bottom surface of the first saw draw depth is 1 ~ 2mm, the width of the main blade groove thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, to ensure the main blade cutting kerf edge can not be torn, so as to obtain good cutting quality. Scriber with smaller diameter, usually around 120mm, driven by a single motor. The rotary speed of the blade is above 9000r/min, the cutting speed is 56 ~ 60m/s. scriber is aligned with the main blade in the same vertical plane. The main blade diameter of &8943; a 300 ~ 400mm from the main motor through the belt transmission. According to the different diameters of the main saw blade and plate processing, the main blade can use a variable cone, cone gear has the advantages of simple structure, is constant power output, comparison In line with the actual needs of wood processing. The power of the motor is generally 4 ~ 9kw. to make a simple speed by a special triangle belt, ensure power transmission with a single belt. The main blade can rotate speed is 3000 ~ 6000r/min, and the distance between the main blade scriber is generally around 1OOmm.

Another panel saw the main structural characteristics of the saw blade and the main blade is crossed immovable, pushed by hand by carrying movable table plate made of aluminum processing before and after the move, realize the sawing processing. Due to the structure of the mobile station by rail J special, so the manual feeding is light and labor-saving when driving and, the processing precision is very high.

Precision sliding table panel saw rice bed mostly Yong 5 ~ 6mm thickness of the welded steel, stable and beautiful, can ensure the early sawing processing without generating tilt and twist fixed working table is fixed on the bed, Saikawa casting, require smooth, no deformation, and is provided with a longitudinal cutting plate and its regulatory institutions.

The structural characteristics of mobile worktable:

Push the moving table is the key part of the panel saw. The main part of the mobile worktable are different from ordinary circular sawing machine comprises a bracket, guide, roller, push table and other components, its remarkable characteristic is:

(1)The operation is light and labor-saving, and the stroke is large, and the amplitude of the cutting plate is large.

(2) trailers, with the stable light stable operation;

(3) setting and the main blade moving table for 45 degrees of adjustment, expand the scope of the use of some of the sawing machine is attached with milling device, groove and groove width between 30-50MM processing can be carried out.

Using the operating characteristics of the panel saw:

Its fine cutting saw through the dynamic balance and static balance, generally do not need to put the foundation, can be added on a flat surface. In the machining operation, the workpiece is placed in a mobile work table, the hand pushes the mobile platform so that the workpiece feed movement. The operation is very convenient, the flexible operation should be used time Caution!, prevent the occurrence of accidents.

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