Must Know Top 6 Types of Wooden Palltets Before Purchsing


Type 1 Pallets

Type 1 pallet is most widely used and needed by most industries. The deck boards and stringers are both 120cms in length. the pallet is the two-way entry and non-reversible to bear a load on only one surface. It can be utilized in a number of ways for slinging and tying down objects loaded on it.

Type 2 Pallets

Type 2 Pallets are four-way entry block type pallets that are 100cms long and 120cms wide. They are the most commonly used pallets that can be moved by forklifts or hand trucks.

Type 3 Pallets

Type 3 Expandable Pallets are two entry types. They are less expensive and can be utilized for dispatching loaded materials even on an ont-time use only.

Type 4 Pallets

Type 4 Pallets are reversible and can be made two ways or four ways. They are, however, for moving by forklift only. Being reversible, either face will hold a full load. In this case, plywood is used as deck boards.

Type 5 Pallets

Type 5 Pallets are heave duty, bolted and reversible they can be used with most types of handling equipment except hand trucks.

Type 6 Pallets

Type 6 Pallets are of a notched stringer design which makes them very versatile four-way pallets. Notching is performed by our automatic notcher machine.

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