Pay Attention Before Purchasing ATC CNC Router



Using supporting software can complete the internet planning, 3D action diagram, one-click splitting, optimized layout, active venting along other functions. The vacuum adsorption desktop has three processes of punching, slotting, and material-cutting in the past, which greatly raises the processing power. Fitted with assorted shapes of flower-shaped knives, a cabinet door, and a wooden door shape, the purpose of the atc CNC router is fully gone, along with the power, precision, and product quality are all improved.

1.Spindle power: The effectiveness of the spindle affects the processing. When the processing product needs to cut and open the fabric, it is recommended to work with a high-power spindle. The cutting speed is fast and also the effect is great. Generally, the 6KW high-power air-cooled spindle is used.

2. Motor type: The standard could be the stepper motor. If your function of the machine is comprehensive, each piece of equipment is quite high, and also the motor also works on the better-imported servo motor.

3. Adsorption table: Many friends will mention when buying the equipment. It's great to add the neat board for the adsorption table, but sometimes it is crucial to process the little data to feel the charge of the pump. Therefore, it's important to suck the dual-purpose table. The countertop is possible, organic beef believes the dual-use is great, these kinds of cognition are faulty! Its adsorption function is just not good for fully adsorbing the countertop! The adsorption countertop is partitioned, and the non-integral plate can open just one adsorption zone. Attain the goal of saving electricity. When it comes to adsorbing the countertop, you must talk about the range of the sorption pump. The adsorption pump is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled adsorption pumps, as well as the air-cooled adsorption pump, features a larger noise, along with the same power water-cooling suction is greater. However, using water-cooled adsorption pumps from the north requires focusing on the situation of winter antifreeze (generally clear water or process antifreeze every single day). To help you pick the best adsorption pump in line with the climate of your location.

4. Bed body: Why's the equipment that belongs to the carpenter's occupation differently, the machine frame of the cutting machine as well as the general carpenter machine varies? All these servo motor is faster compared to the general motor, so ensure the stability with the fuselage. Poor stability will get a new accuracy of the process. If your bed frame is just not heavy, together with the best motor and other equipment, the processed products are also products with unsatisfactory defects.

5. Machine cover: Some ATC CNC router manufacturers don't have a protective cover. Many friends claim that others possess a cover and look good. This externally processed cover will have a certain level of safety protection as well as its appearance.

6. Control system: Many friends will believe that when adding some equipment or function, the price difference is so much... The numerical control devices are can not operate and employ having a single accessory. The functions of every piece of equipment are required to control the device, therefore the system The version changes, similar to the software you use in your mobile phone might not be upgraded.

7.Dealer: Getting a piece of equipment is thousands and thousands. The cost difference is undoubtedly a penny. Then the problem comes. If you have an issue with the device, the after-sales technologies are challenging to solve the situation. Choose regular large manufacturers! The device sold by HICAS manufacturers is guaranteed whether the equipment quality is still after-sales service!

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