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Main enterprise

Tianjin Pipe Corporation (TPCO)

Tianjin Pipe Corporation (TPCO) is a global seamless pipe manufacturer in China with headquarter located in Tianjin, a dynamic, fast developing industrial city in North China. Its core business is manufacturing seamless steel pipes that attains to the advanced international standard.

The annual production capacity of TPCO is 4.45 million ton steel pipes, in which 4 million tons are seamless pipes,and 450,000 tons are ERW welded pipes. The main products are casing, tubing, greendrill pipe and line pipe.

BAO Steel

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baosteel”), is a globally leading modernized integrated iron and steel company and the core enterprise of China Baowu Steel Group Corporation, which is listed in Fortune's Global 500.

In February 2000, Baosteel was founded by Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation , and was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600019) in December of the same year . In February 2017, Baosteel merged Wuhan Iron & Steel by absorption, which turns Baosteel into a company that owns such main manufacturing bases as Shanghai Baoshan, Wuhan Qingshan, Zhanjiang Dongshan and Nanjing Meishan. The company ranks 2nd in the crude steel production, 1st in the automotive sheet output and 1st in the silicon steel output among all the global listed steel companies. The company is also one of the global steel enterprises with the most complete carbon steel products.

Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co.,Ltd.

Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as HYST) was founded in 1958, it is a subsidiary of Hunan Valin Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. It now has 3900 employees with total assets of 13.5 billion Yuan.

HYST is an enterprise with great global influence. Ranked the world’s fifth in terms of scale of production, it has the complete production process of iron-making, steel-making, tube rolling and further processing, and it has the annual capacity of producing 1.1 million tons of iron, 1.7 million tons of steel, and 1.5 million tons of tubes, heat treating 830 thousand tons of tubes and threading 600 thousand tons of tubes.

Baotou Steel

Baotou Steel is an important steel industry base in China. Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Co., Ltd., a holding company, is the largest rare earth steel production and service provider in China and the largest steel production enterprise in northwest China.

It has the capacity to support tens of millions of tons of iron, steel and materials, and has a production layout of four high-quality lines of "plates, tubes, rails and wires". It can produce high-end products such as high-speed rails, high-end automobile steel, home appliance steel, and high-grade pipeline steel. , especially the "rare earth steel" specialty products, are widely recognized and praised by users.

AN Steel

As one of the state-owned large-sized enterprises, Ansteel now has 7 production bases with special
characteristics in northeast, southwest, north China, southeast and south China, masters rich iron ore
resources in Liaoning and Sichuan,China and Karara, Australia.

It is the steel enterprise with the most resource advantages in China.

Private Enterprise

Zhenda Steel

Jiangsu Zhenda Steel Tube Group was established in 1991. It’s headquarters located in the picturesque Wu Xi, a city on the shore of beautiful Lake Tai with an area of 760,000㎡.

After more than a decade’s construction and development, with almost 1,000,000 tons annual production capacity, we have taken a leading position in seamless steel tube industry in China.

Smaller state-owned enterprises

Lai Steel

Lain Steel was founded in January 1970. It is a large state-owned steel complex with total assets of 62 billion yuan and a steel production capacity of more than 10 million tons.

In 2009, it was jointly established with Jinan Iron & Steel Group as Shan Steel Group.

Shougang Group

It is a very large enterprise group that mainly produces iron and steel, but also operates in mining, machinery, electronics, construction, real estate, service industry, overseas trade and other industries. It operates across regions, ownerships and multinationals.

Wugang Group

Wugang Group is the first large-scale steel complex built after the founding of China.

Construction began in 1955 and was completed and put into operation on September 13, 1958. In the course of more than sixty years of development, it has made important contributions to the development of China's steel industry and national economy.

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