Sodium polyacrylate - the absorbent material of Inflatable sandbags


*This article is about one of sodium polyacrylate’s applications - the absorbent material of a Sandless water-filled inflatable sandbag.

Inflatable sandbags

Alternative to traditional flood sandbags, inflatable sandbags are filled with sodium polyacrylate.
Inflatable sandbags are only 200-300 grams. After absorbing water, the weight can be up to 20 KG.


  • Lightweight (200 grams) before they’re used, thousands of bags can be quickly transported in a van.
  • Vacuumed-packed is available and you can store it everywhere to prevent flood & any spill issues;
  • Inflatable bags are easier to carry & pile up, the absorbing process only takes a couple of minutes.



Inflatable sandbags are not only used for anti-flood but also solve the spill issues everywhere:

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