The reasons I choose a plastic pallet instead of a wooden pallet

April 8, 2021

- The reliability of the plastic pallet structure greatly reduces material loss.

- Plastic pallets are lighter than the same wooden pallets, thus reducing the weight and cost of transport.

- When exporting goods using wooden pallets, fumigation or heat treatment is required at additional cost.

- Plastic pallets are environmentally friendly products that can be recycled and reused, or they can be traded for new ones. Making wooden pallets requires the cutting of large amounts of forest, and the pallets cannot be recycled.

- Wood pallet handling operations are prone to damage due to carelessness.

- It's dangerous when the wood pallets exposed nails and burrs

- Plastic pallets have a service life of more than 6-8 years. The service life of the wooden pallets is short, and the number of turnovers under conventional use is about 200-300 times.

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