The sliding table panel saw safety procedures


With the artificial board manufacturing industry in the application of a large number of furniture, building decoration industry, and other industries, the traditional general circular saw both the machining precision and production efficiency of all already cannot satisfy the needs of the process.

Therefore, all kinds of sliding table panel saw sheet material of a woodworking cutting saw has been developed rapidly.

The low productivity of manual feed or feed machinery of small and medium-sized panel saw, to have a high degree of automation and productivity with a digital controller or computer program optimization and with a variety of large combined automatic loading and unloading mechanism of the vertical sawing plate system, manufacturing, construction, and decoration in furniture, vehicle manufacturing, and other industries has been widely used in precision.

For cutting saw to plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, laminated board, blockboard, wood mosaic and plastic sheet for longitudinal cutting, sawing and transverse or angle In order to obtain the size of the plate to meet the requirements of the specification, but also can be used for a variety of insulation board, thin aluminum plate, and aluminum cutting when operation the sliding table panel saw, please pay attention to the following aspects.

1.Reliable grounding device shall be used before the operation of the machine and check whether other safety protection devices are normal.

2.Before the start of the power tools, fixtures, locking objects, such as system inspection.

3.Before the operation of the machine, check whether the parts are loose and damaged, and timely adjustment and replacement, to ensure its normal function.

4.Check the direction of rotation of the blade before operation.

5.The feed direction of the workpiece must reverse the direction of rotation of the cutter or saw blade.

6.When operating the machine tools, all safety devices are not allowed to be removed or opened.

7.Materials before processing should be checked whether the workpiece is cut saw iron, sand, such as living quarters, in order to prevent damage to the saw blade and live out of the wound.

8.Adjust the sample machine, you must turn off the power supply, so as not to cause casualties.

9.Manual feeding, the material must be close to the table and the plate, the hand is not allowed to close to the blade, is strictly prohibited to control the processing of materials.

10.Push and pull the movable working table, force should be uniform, strictly slammed the table from the side thrust to the other side, the worktable and handle prohibited collision and wind and percussion.

11.The operation of the machine tool must wear tight clothes, is strictly prohibited to wear loose clothes and wear ties, bracelets, etc., long hair to wear a long hat to wear long hair.

12.Poor health or drink is strictly prohibited machine tools.

13.When the machine tool failure, should immediately cut off the power supply and stop operation, send someone to carry out maintenance or adjustment, this machine is strictly prohibited sick operation.

14.The use of tools and accessories must be correct, it is strictly prohibited to use more than the original design of the machine tools and accessories.

15.The machine tool should be designated for operation, maintenance, adjustment and maintenance.

16.After the operation of the machine must cut off the power supply, wait until the machine completely stop cleaning the machine so that the machine can be reset to leave.

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