The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Hair Extension Color

Whether it is clip-in or tape-in hair extension, choosing the right color is the key to success. This article is about how to match your hair color with extensions.

Believe me, every seller would be LOVE to give the color advice.

There are only two things you need to do: take photos and send them.

Take photos

A few suggestions about photos:

  • hair is visible from root to tip
  • under natural light but avoid direct sunlight.
  • no filters or edits.

like this:

Contact Sellers

Usually, you can easily contact the seller on the seller’s official website or Amazon platform.

Here are a few reputable seller contact URLs for your reference:

Use the Color Ring

Most sellers provide color rings to make it easier for buyers to compare colors. If you are keen on dyeing and doing hairstyles, it will be very convenient to buy a color ring from a seller you frequent.

Here are the color ring sales URLs of several sellers for your reference.

Use the Hair Extension Color Charts

Color chart with models

Here’s the popular colors chart (with models). You can easily check which color matches your hair online.

Dark Colors

#1 Jet Black

#1b Natural Black
#2 Chocolate Brown

Medium Colors

#4 Medium Brown

#6 Light Brown

Light Colors

#10 Ash Blonde

#14 Golden Blonde

#28 Honey Blonde

#613 Platinum Blonde

#60 White Blonde

Red Colors

#33 Ginger

#130 Light Red

#99J Rosewood

Color chart in natural light

Here’s the popular color chart in natural light as follows:

#1 (Black)

#1 (Black / Jet Black) – Complete black, the darkest black hair color you can get.

#1B (Off Black)

#1B (Off Black) – The natural black hair looks like it, also known as soft black or raven back.

#2 (Dark Brown)

#2 (Dark Brown / Darkest Brown) – The darkest possible brown hair color is almost black unless you get close.

#4 (Chocolate Brown)

#4 (Chocolate Brown / Dark Golden Brown) – A really dark hair color, which looks like dark chocolate.

#6 (Medium Brown / Chestnut Brown)

#6 (Medium Brown / Chestnut Brown) – A dark to medium brown hair color, which reminds of chestnut and has some traces of reddish-brown.

#8 (Brown / Light Chestnut Brown)

#8 (Brown / Light Chestnut Brown) – A natural brown hair color is the favorite brown colon in various saloons.

#10 (Light Brown / Medium Golden Brown / Ash Brown)

#10 (Light Brown / Medium Golden Brown / Ash Brown) – A medium brown hair color with small visible traces of golden brown.

#12 (Warm Light Brown / Light Reddish Brown / Light Golden Brown)

#12 (Warm Light Brown / Light Reddish Brown / Light Golden Brown) – This is a medium-light brown color with visible traces of red tones.

#16 (Dark Blonde / Ash Blonde / Medium Ash Brown)

#16 (Dark Blonde / Ash Blonde / Medium Ash Brown) – This hair color mixes beautiful ashes and blond, one of the more popular choices for spring and autumn.

#20 (Swedish Blonde / Gold Blonde)

#20 (Swedish Blonde / Gold Blonde) – Another gold bond alternative is Sweden’s most popular hair color.

#22 (Champagne Blonde / Light Ash Blonde)

22 (Champagne Blonde / Light Ash Blonde) – This color features golden or champaign-like traces of yellow throughout the hair.

#60 (Platinum Blonde / Bleached Blonde)

#60 (Platinum Blonde / Bleached Blonde) – A trendy blond hair color among most women and a great #613 alternative.

#613 (Blonde / Light Blonde)

#613 (Blonde / Light Blonde) is also known as snow white and baby blonde hair color, another popular alternative for #60.

Other colors


Hair roots or ends to compare with?

Use the hair tip color to contrast with the hair extension color, not the root color of your hair.

Hard to choose in two close colors?

It is easy to determine which general hair color belongs to. But you may be at a loss in two colors that look similar.

In that case, you can always choose a lighter color. When the color of the hair extensions you bought is too lighter, we can fix it by simple dyeing. But If the hair extensions were too dark, it won’t be easy to dye them back to light colors.

Tip: Hair dyeing is always from light color to dark color, but not from a dark color to light color. That’s why never bleach hair extensions.

Difference between #1 and #1b.

It’s a bit difficult to distinguish color #1 and color #1b. Here’s the difference:

1 vs. 1b

Choose the safe way to purchase.

When you are from a seller’s official website, please ensure that the seller provides long-term return and exchange services. This allows you to be calmer when buying unsuitable color hair extensions.

When you purchase from Amazon, choose the sellers with good customer reviews – above 4.3 stars at least. These sellers would rather give you a free hair extension than get a one-star bad review.