Top 5 Super absorbent polymer (Sodium polyacrylate) Applications

April 15, 2021

Applications of Sodium polyacrylate

There're two main types of superabsorbent polymers: sodium polyacrylate and potassium polyacrylate.

Potassium polyacrylate can be mainly used in agriculture as a water-retaining agent. And sodium polyacrylate is applied to every aspect of life:

Diapers and sanitary napkins - to absorb water and lock it.

More than 90% sodium polyacrylate is used in diapers (and sanitary napkins).

With the strong absorbing ability, sodium polyacrylate can increase diaper’s absorption and keep dry.

Inflatable bags - to absorb water and increase bags’ weight.

Inflatable bags (also call sadness flood control bags, only 500g/per piece) can increase the weight to 20-25kg after absorbing water.

It consists of the bag and sodium polyacrylate.

Instant snow - turn to plenty of white powder (like snow) when meeting water.

Sodium polyacrylate type instant snow is amazing stuff which is like snow very much.

It is widely used in movie landscapes, Christmas decorations, and children's toys.

Water repellent taps in cable - hydrophilic expansion and insoluble in water.

Water repellent taps will prevent copper wire rust when the outer layer is broken.

That’s because SAP will swell and prevent moisture into the cable inside.

Concrete Protection

-- increases the humidity and prevents the cracking of cement.

Throughout the life of concrete, water has central importance.

And the water gel of SAP in the concrete will increase the humidness so that prevent concrete cracking.

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