Water Conservation Methods In Agriculture

April 15, 2021

Tip: This article is about water conservation in agriculture, ways to conserve water, water conservation methods.

Water conservation methods in the planting process

Deep plowing

Deep plowing could avoid a surface runoff.

Planting improved crops

Organic fertilizer

The result showed that straw incorporation and organic fertilizer application could increase yield and save water clearly.

Cover crops

  • Film cover
  • Straw cover

Methods in the irrigation process

Impermeable canal irrigation

It can save about 20% water to improve the canal to impermeable type.


Pipe irrigation is a cheap & efficient method to save water. It can save 30-50% water to choose pipe-irrigation than earth canal.


  • Drip irrigation
  • Micro-sprinkling irrigation
  • Seepage irrigation
  • Sprinkling irrigation

It can save 80-85% water to choose micro-irrigation than earth canal. The effect will be better to combined micro-irrigation with the water-soluble fertilizer.

Sprinkling irrigation

It can save 50-60% water to choose micro-irrigation than earth canal. In general, sprinkling irrigation's cost is higher than micro-irrigation.

Use anti-drought product

Water retaining agent

Water retaining agent is a very efficient product. It can increase soil's water-holding capacity by as much as 80% and the effect lasts for years.


Antitranspirants can effectively control the opening of stomata and reduce leaf transpiration.

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