What kind of wood are pallets made of?


Types of wooden pallet

Common wooden pallets can be divided into two types: solid wood pallets and plywood pallets.

Solid wood pallets

Solid wood pallets are made of logs and must be fumigated at the time of export.
It is:
- dried and shaped to reduce moisture, eliminate internal stress,
- and then cut, plan, break, edge, sand, and other finishing processing to form profile plates.

Plywood pallets

Plywood trays, also known as fumigation-free, inspection-free trays. Its feature is that the outlet is free of fumigation, no insects, no fumigation, no disinfection.

The kinds of woods for pallets


The material is loose and soft, and has poor durability, and is suitable for manufacturing trays with low load-bearing requirements.

Hard Miscellaneous Wood

Such as eucalyptus, birch, eucalyptus, and willow, etc. The texture is dense, the wood is hard and heavy, and the bearing capacity is good, but there are few large wood materials and the price is moderate.


Larch has a thick texture, hardwood, and moderate price. It is one of the commonly used materials for making pallets.

White pine and red pine have a fine texture, white color, and beautiful appearance. They are mostly used to make fine packaging and the price is high.

The quality of the wooden tray depends not only on the type of wood.

It is necessary to check every wooden board, support, and pier head of the wooden pallet, whether there are cracks, wormholes, burrs, etc. There should be no large gap between the support, the pier head, and the wood board, and whether the nails on the pallet are all wood. The key to the quality of the pallet.

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