Wood pallet or plastic pallet is better?

April 8, 2021

We should choose different material pallets depending on the situation in which we use them.


Different operating temperatures directly affect the selection of pallet manufacturing materials.

As the pallets of different materials have a temperature range that performs normally. For example, the operating temperature of plastic pallets is between 40 and 25 degrees C.


The trays of some materials cannot be used in humid environments due to their strong moisture absorption, such as wooden pallets, which will directly affect their service life.


We often need to consider the extent to which the pallets are contaminated using the environment.

In a highly polluted environment, it is important to choose a tray that is resistant to contamination and easy to clean. Such as plastic pallets, composite plastic wood trays, etc.

Special requirements of the loaded goods

For example, spill control industrial plastic pallets are a better choice than wood pallets when we carry corrosive chemicals.

Size of transport and equipment

The appropriate pallet size should be just enough to meet the size of the means of transport, which can improve the full and reasonable use of the transport vehicle space, save transport costs, especially considering the container and truck case size.

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